Thursday, March 25, 2010

Email 3/8/10 - 3 Investigators to church!

Hello all!
How is everyone doing? What I have heard is that everyone is getting a new house and growing up way too fast :) On the movies you sent me. I loved them! And Ryan when he spoke I just couldn't stop laughing. His voice is so deep! And Garrett on the phone is the cutest thing ever! Sage is growing so fast. Its fun to see everyone. Thanks Beth!

So this week has been exciting. We have been very busy as usual and been planning for our up-coming baptism. ITS GREAT! Its been almost a year since this ward has seen a baptism and its funny because the last couple people that have been baptised have gone less active so the members have been sketchy to have someone. But we have been bringing him into members homes and they quiz him to make sure he knows what promises he is making and he has such and strong testimony. Its great! Kuame is progressing well and he passed his interview with the president yesterday. So we are getting everyone ready for that to happen and we have a family that is leaving so right after we have been planning a going-away party. So our weekend will be eventful. Plus we have Zone Conference this week which is always GREAT!

This week we have dropped about 4 investigators who have not been progressing but we know there are more that will progress. And the blessings we are receiving are referrals and 3 investigators at church. Its a miracle for Milton Keynes! We are being blessed. So thanks for your prayers and fasting. As for Geoff, we push him and he doesn't have too much interest in the anti literature which is wonderful. And Peter, we are trying to get to church. He has an exam this week. So after that we should be good to go to help him progress.
So as you can see we are being blessed and even with the weather the sun has been shinning these last couple days. Makes me HAPPY!
Missionary work is wonderful. And its lovely to see the sun is shinning and that people will be out and about more so we can share the gospel with everyone. I'm so excited to experience another baptism and I know I have had nothing to really do with it but be there to teach and support Kuame along the way.

A great story for the week before I go. We got a referral from the Elders close to our area and so we went to this area to contact him and he did not answer but as we were looking at the map we saw that there were less actives that were living in the area. So we decided to go visit them and get to know them because we had never met them. So we went and come to find out that they were thinking about us the day before and also about going to church on Sunday. After we taught them a lesson we found out that their grand daughter is wanting to learn more about the gospel and will be at their home next week. So we are teaching her next week. Amazing how the Lord works and the Holy Ghost that leads us. We weren't supposed to contact that referral. We were suppose to meet them to be able to teach their daughter in law. Its wonderful to see these experiences.

I love you all and I hope the best this next week
Pray for Kuame! :)
With Much Love-
Sister Olsen

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