Monday, March 1, 2010

Email 03/01/10 - In London!


We are in London for the day because we have interviews with the president. They went great! Its always great to see him. We had a good week and it was very busy seeing as many people and talking to everyone! Its wonderful! I don't have much time due to the keyboard being retarded. But Geoff is talking to his sons and it's great! But his sons have a lot of questions from anti things so we will see how that goes. Kuame is awesome! and still planning on being baptized on the 13 of March EXCITING!!!!!!
I talked in church this week on the blessings of a living prophet and it was fun. We had Sister Christensen's birthday and celebrated. She is 23 now. It was fun! Thanks for the cake mom and dad. IT WAS THE BEST!!!
Also, Peter, we found out is a police for the transport. Fun stuff! We only got one investigator to church but we are working hard to progress everyone. Its very cold but some days it's warm which gives us hope that there is warmth and the sun lives :)
I love you all. Sorry it's short. Take care! Thanks for your prayers and emails and letters.

Sister Jennifer Olsen

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