Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Email 03/30/10 - Moving Again to....

Guess what everyone!
I'M MOVING TO WATFORD! and the best thing about it is that I am staying with Sister Chirstensen and we are opening a new area. It has been closed for awhile and the President promised he would open it up again when it is time. It is time! So we got a call Monday morning to tell us that we need to go look at flats and see which one we wanted. So we had to cancel our appts and go. We picked a flat and now we are just waiting if they accept the offer. The Watford Ward is in the same stake as Enfield (my greenie area.) So for General Conference all the members go to the Watford chapel to watch it. It is the stake center and that is where it will be broadcasted, so this means that I will have the chance to see all the members again and those that I have baptized! I am so excited! It will be fun! Elders are taking over Milton Keynes and they will be staying at a members house till we can move to our flat in Watford. So we are staying in Milton Keynes for a bit to show them around and to help them get comfortable with the area. We are not sure how long but we will be between the areas for a week or so. President is aware of our situation and having so many new investigators and investigators with a baptism date he is willing to let us introduce the Elders to out investigators. It all works our perfectly! We have been so blessed and to see the Milton Keynes area improve from when we first got here is Amazing!
So in Watford the Zone Leaders there are over the ward but they have such a big area and great ward and the best ward mission leader in the mission (they say?) They need another pair of missionaries so we are splitting the area with the Zone Leaders there. In England its rare to have 2 sets of missionaries in one ward. So we are ready to WORK :)
We are also so excited for General Conference. I wanted to invite everyone to watch conference and listen to the words from our leaders. They are the words of God. And go with a question to Conference and I promise you that that question will be answered in some way whether it be by your thoughts or by what someone says. I'm excited!
Also, we have been doing a lot of service this week to help people, its been wonderful. Service is something that will never get old. The feelings after doing service is something that you can never get enough of. The missionary work has been so great here in Milton Keynes and Sister Christensen and I are going to miss it a lot. It's nice to finally figure out the fastest way to get places and get comfortable but that is the time where we need to move on and learn more. We know it's going to be hard at first and finding the elect 24/7 but we know as we have faith, are obedient, and diligent...we can see miracles. I love you all and hope you have a great week. Keep us in your prayers and know that you all are in mine.Thanks for the support
Sister Jennifer Olsen

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