Thursday, March 25, 2010

Email 03/22/10 - Miracles are happening!

Hiya Everyone!
Its been a great and eventful week. There has been a lot of up and downs but the ups outweigh the downs by far. This week we were able to help 3 investigators come to church which is amazing! We have had one of out investigators commit to baptism in May and another one call us today and said she is ready to be baptized now that she had figured her life out and the other asked us on Sunday if she gets married this month could she get baptized the day after. It is truly amazing to see the blessings that we are receiving.
On Tuesday night we were working on finding new people to teach and was being obedient and doing our TTI's (Teaching, Testifying, and Inviting) and our goal is to get 10 a day. We had only gotten 9 on Tuesday as we were walking to the bus and saying we will need to get our last one on the bus. So then we got to the Bus stop and there was a man there. We started talking to him and come to find out in Ghana, where he is from, he was very close to being baptized but then he moved and couldn't find missionaries in the area he moved to and then he moved here. His brothers and sisters joined the church in Ghana and he was so happy to see us. It was amazing to be able to be there at that time to talk to him and we will see him this week. We are excited about it.
Another thing we did this week was fast for other Elders in our District who have been having a hard time getting new investigators. So we fasted for them as a district and went into their area to help them find new investigators. It was GREAT! I have such a HUGE testimony on fasting. It works EVERYTIME, I'm not even kidding you. We found 2 solid people for them to teach in our efforts. Even a man that we gave our number out on the bus called us this day and wanted to learn more and he was in their area. Miracles are happening and its great to be able to experience them.
Then last but not least out investigator Charlie. She is our age and has a little girl who is 3 and living with her partner. Her partner is the son of the less-actives that we visited the one day the spirit directed us to visit them and they were thinking about us the day before. This whole experience has been a miracle in itself. We met with Charlie again this week and taught her part of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The spirit was so strong, and we all felt it and Charlie asked so many good questions. We couldn't talk about baptism but she wanted to hear about it so bad. So she asked us at the end of the lesson. What does she need to do to be baptized. And then the Less Active members were giving the hint that she needs to take her time and that she needed to be married before and they are not planning on getting married till December in Vegas. HA....So we told her that she cant be living with him and for at least 30 days and she has to be living the word of wisdom. She was completely fine with that but she knew her partner would not take her kicking him out. So we decided to fast and pray for the partner to soften his heart and that everything will work out. And then that day, which was Sunday, she came to us and asked if she could be baptized right after she gets married here. She is so excited and wants to be baptized ASAP. She is amazing and knows that what she is learning is true. Now we are praying that all will go well and that her partner will want the same thing and get married sooner.
Well time is up. I love this gospel and I love the work. I will leave you with this scripture from Alma 26:12
Yea, I know that I am nothing; as to my strength.....
Love you Sister Olsen

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