Monday, January 25, 2010

Email 01/18/10 - Milton Keynes - new flat

Hello Family!

WOW this week has been so crazy! We just finished moving yesterday and the members were so great in helping us out. This ward is pretty small. It actually has a lot of members but more then half are less active. So we have a lot of work to do. A good story for the week. On Friday and Saturday morning we went to go out for the day and went down stairs and there was smoke everywhere. We could not breath. We hurried and got out of the building and called 999. At first we didn't know what to call. Then a lady started screaming and telling us about the smoke. She was over doing it. She jumped out of her window which she could have just walked out the door. HA. Anyways they sent 3 fire trucks and it was this huge deal and then come to find out it was an electric fire. Not bad. But it was a great experience. Especially seeing the lady freak out! Also we have been working a lot with the members this week and it has been so effective, trying to help them get more missionary experiences and they have so much potential. Its great! We also got a new ward mission leader and his is so GREAT! I am so excited to work with him. So yes we only have 1 investigator right now but we have so much potential and are working really hard. The Lord has provided people for us to teach we are just going to find them. Sorry so short this week but I love you all! Take care!

Love Sister Olsen!
P.s My companion and I work great together! :)

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