Monday, January 25, 2010

Email 01/25/10 - Sister Olsen still loves sharing the gospel

Hello Everyone!

How is everyone doing? Here in Milton Keynes it has been warmer, which has been so nice. It is still cold but you can at least stand it. This week we have been busy with finding and doing a lot of tracting and still figuring out where we go on the buses. But being in Conniburrow we are a lot close to the city center which makes it so much nicer to get to different places because all the buses go through there. Also this week we have been teaching out investigator Geoff. He is an old man probably in his 70's and he does not see the hurry for baptism. He has been taught for a year now but doesn't really retain all the information. We told him we were going to extend an invitation to be baptized every lesson. The first one he said. I can't say yes and I can't say no. then the second lesson he said. Well, yeah, sooner or later. So he is progressing. A bit… We also have been blessed to find new investigators who is from Ghana and her name is Matilia and she has 4 children. 14, 12, 8, 4. They are so cute! It’s a FAMILY! I have been waiting to teach a whole family. She is born again but she understands the priesthood and how important it is. She wants to know if it is true so that her children can be brought up in the correct church. She said the closing prayer and asked for revelation to know it to be true. It was a powerful lesson and the spirit was there. I know this is the true church and that we have the right authority given from God to guide his church and to do saving ordinances. Its amazing! I love sharing and teaching the gospel to others. Because I KNOW what I teach is TRUE! Also, on Sunday we had a great day where they asked me to bear my testimony. It was great to do it for the new ward. I found out this week that there are about 80 people that come to church on an average Sunday. And there are 300 people on records. That shows the inactivity in the ward. So we prayerfully have to choose who to meet with. This ward is great at missionary work though. So we are going to help them out. So that’s about all that has been happening. The Lord is helping us and I will keep you updated. Thanks for all who write and pray for me. It is the best thing I could ask for. I am learning so much and Sister Christensen and I have so much fun together. It never get boring when we tract. We always have great stories to share with each other. Thanks to my great childhood!
I love you all and I invite you to pray for missionary experiences. They will come!
Sister Olsen!

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