Monday, January 25, 2010

Email 01/11/10 - I'm here in Milton Keynes!

Hi Fam!
Wow I have a lot to say and not a lot of time. First of all its is cold! :) ha ha. White everywhere. The people said that it has not been this cold for the amount of time period that it has been cold since 30 years ago. PERFECT for me :) But it does not stop the work! We are walking in the snow everywhere. My legs are getting a lot of muscle :) So yes...No snow plows for the streets. It's insane and snow is still everywhere. We are moving into another flat so I am living out of the suitcase right now. I don't have my address but next week I will. So Milton Keynes, it is a more modern town in England so the streets are bigger and the place is more like an american town. We have a Mall here, which you don't get anywhere but central London. The area has not had a baptism for a long time. 2 baptisms I think last mouth and our goal is to get one a month. So we are ready to save some souls. The members here are great and are so willing to help and its great! we just need to use them! The area has so much potential we are excited to get moving. Sister Chirstsensen (Sister C) has only been here 3 weeks because she came for an emergency moves so we are pretty much white washing. Figuring out the area and who lives where and the buses and all that fun stuff. She is a hard worker and we are going to work so well together. This area is going to change a lot. So we are excited. Its going to be hard work but it is all going to be worth it! I know as we show our obedience, faith, and diligence to the Lord he will bless us in ways we would never imagine. We have 2 investigators now that have been going to church and we are going to continue to help them but we will also be doing a lot of finding! This work is the best work ever and it is so nice to be with someone that is willing to work also. I have been so blessed with companions. So, yes mom, I am the senior Companion but that doesn't really mean anything. I just have been out longer that's all. But we have fun together and oh to correct myself Sister C. is from Idaho Falls but went to BYU and was Miss Southern Idaho Falls and that stuff. She is great. So there ya go! I love you all and thank you for all the prayers and support again! Chelle! Good LUCK with the baby!

Love Sister Olsen!

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