Friday, January 8, 2010


Hello Family!

What a great week it has been and very eventful also. I can't believe how much has happened this week. With the new year and everything!

First of all yes...I am moving. Leaving Sister Shattuck which is very sad and we will just have to remember the good times. I'm getting a new companion from Utah, I think. I think she was Miss Utah once too? But I will give you more info next week. Her Name is Sister Christensen. She seems way cute and nice. I have met her at some of the zone conferences. So I am excited. A chance for another new start. Pretty crazy!
So the first day of this year was AMAZING! It was the perfect way to start off the new year :)
We taught Danny, the 19 year old. We taught the 1st half of the plan of salvation with emphasis the importance of baptism. He had the assignment to pray for a date to be baptized the lesson before, so we just needed to follow up. We prayed and prayed and I was not getting an answer for a date for him to be baptized. Then part of me thought, as I was praying, that maybe Danny is supposed to be the one to get the date. So when we asked him if he had prayed for a date he said Yes, the 17th. We were shocked! for how soon and how definite and no question about it. He couldn't get that date our of his head so we told him that would be the day he would be getting the holy ghost and then on the 16th he can be baptized! He accepted and so now he will be taught almost everyday so he will be prepared. AMAZING! The best way to start it off. Then we have seen him 2 times after and he had been reading the book of mormon non stop. He started it from the beginning and tells us all about Nephi and Lehi and his brothers. He texts all the youth in the church and tells them how much he loves the scriptures. I am really bummed I don't get to see his baptism and to hear all his comments and questions he has in lesson but I am so happy for him. I know it is by the spirit and the Book of Mormon that Danny has been converted. And I am so grateful to have been the instrument and to be the one to experience the joy of it all.
So there ya go. Also some fun things happened this week. For New Years we went to a family's house and watched the Field is White DVD and it was GREAT! So interesting especially being here. Also, we went on a New Years Day walk with the ward by the beach. Yes it was cold but SO beautiful! And we made the family that had us over for New Years Eve a american breakfast. Made them blueberry pancakes and my famous french toast. HA! home made syrup too. We made a lot and they all sat down and said it wasn't going to be enough so I got up to make more and whipped it all together and by the time I brought more out they were all full and could not eat anymore. HA! They didn't know how filling it was because they never had it before. But they LOVED IT! It was a lot of fun to do it. Yummy!

We also went to a pantomime, which is a play that makes fun of other plays or stories.. It was great! The costumes were AMAZING! We got the good-to-go from the mission pres because a Less Active wanted to take us. It was Cinderella and it was funny. They pick on usually one person in the crowd and it was me! They were so amazed that I had come all the way from the USA. Dad and MOM you would have LOVED IT! What a great thing to do.
Then the last thing. We were able to be blessed with 4 investigators to come to church. I know that is from fasting and prayers. Thanks for all who are helping me out. We had Danny and Renata the lady from Brazil and the the 2 Indian couple we have been teaching. The spirit was so strong and Sister Shattuck and I were able to bear our testimony and then the theme of the meeting was missionary work. I love when that happens! Missionary Life is great!
I love you all and next time I will probably have a lot to say with being in a new area! Thanks for all the support and prayers. I love you all and keep me updated. Thanks also for all those who have sent me letters. I love them!

Love Sister Olsen!

Also this week I have gotten a cold which is just fun and dandy and now my nose is raw but hey! The work still goes on. I just sound like a man. :)

New address:
24 Calcott Lodge
Akerlea Close
Milton Keynes MK6 4JW

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