Saturday, December 12, 2009

Email 11/24/09 - Song: I'll be (in Lowestoft) for Christmas

Sorry everyone! I missed this email (along with others) :-0 I'll try and do better! - Dan

Hi Everyone!
YEP YEP!!!!! It was moves this week and Sister Shattuck and I are staying in Lowestoft TOGETHER! We were so excited to hear that and be able to be with each other for Christmas. YAHOO!! So we will be able to see Aishas baptism this Sat and we also have an excommunicated member being baptized on Friday. The work has been crazy this last week and this week it is picking up.
Sad News...We lost our car today. We had to give it away. Perfect time for the horrible weather :( We are way sad and still don't know how we ride bikes in the wind with rain in our faces and in skirts? Who knows? It will be an adventure. More laughs.
So yes, things have been wonderful this week and Sunday we had a lot of people come from less active to investigators that we have started to teach. It has been great. I know I am not doing anything. The Lord has the power and he is blessing us and thanks to all you and your prayers and fasting we have been blessed. Missionary work is great! We have the best support group, our families and Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.
This week we got together with others faiths. It was a great opportunity for missionary work. It was international faith week. We got together with other faiths and everyone shared what they believed in. Most all would say where they belonged but was not too strong in it and felt that something was missing. And as Sister Shattuck and I were sitting there. Our testimonies grew stronger and stronger to know that we are so blessed to have the truth, the whole truth. As we introduced ourselves we also bore our testimony. It was such a great experience to see all these people from so many other faiths and yet we have the truth. There is no way I can deny but these people are lost and we all need to help them. The gospel is TRUE and it blesses our life and it is the only way we can inherit the kingdom of heaven :)
We also had a board in the college one of the days of the week to get any college students involved and we gave out a good amount of Book of Mormons. It was great! And as I was looking at all the kids walking around it did not make me miss college and so happy to be a missionary. Its the best!
We also taught Renata the Portuguese speaker. We got there and she told us she wants to come to Aisha's baptism even though she wont have a port. speaker to translate. She doesn't care. She is AMAZING! She also talks to all her friends in Brazil where she is from and talks about the church and gives the the website to the church. Her friends tell her, "I want to have missionaries to visit me." and she didn't know if there were any by her. We told her if we get their information we can have missionaries go. She was so excited. We are teaching her english and she told us her prayers have been answered because she had been praying for someone to help her learn english. The Lord provides a way, no matter what.
Missionary work is there to bless others lives and I am so grateful to be able to see all the lives that are being blessed because of it.
Pray for AISHA! We are excited for this weekend.
I love you all and hope you have a great THANKSGIVING with out me :)
Stay strong and keep me updated. I love you and pray for you!
Love Sister Jenn Olsen!

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