Saturday, December 12, 2009

Email 11/30/09 - Spiritually Filled weekend

Needed to re-post this one to keep things in chronological order. Sorry! Just another goof up! - Dan

Wow! This week has been interesting. Not having the car for the first week. It has not rained too much on us but the weather is COLD! We are hoping we get used to it more and more as we are walking a lot more. The members have been helping us a lot by driving us to appt's and places. It has been great. I hate asking people for help so it is testing me to let others serve us. The Work has been moving along GREAT! I am so excited to stay here because it seems like the Lord knows that we still have a lot to do before we move. This week we have been seeing people and tracting and walking and being late a lot. But it has been good overall. We were able to go to a excommunicated members baptism. He is great! The feeling there is a lot different at the baptism. Not in a bad way but just different. So it has been great to him him finally progress and make that step back onto the narrow path. You can now see the light in him and he is always smiling and talking more to others. He is a new man. I love to see these miracles happen. Its only through the Atonement that we get to see these things happen. I love it!
Aisha also was baptized!!!! YAHOO! She is amazing! The day was so busy but everything worked out. The talks were great and we had the Portuguese speaker come to the baptism and we were able to get a translator which was a miracle in itself and 2 other investigators came to witness it and the spirit was so strong and everyone left with smiles on their faces. Satan was trying everything though. After the talks we went to go to the font and there was a leak it so it was way too low for them. So we had everyone go back till we got it filled and we all sang songs. It all worked out and she got wet and all. It was AMAZING and she is great! Also, got the Holy Ghost on her birthday which was Sunday. Best gift you can get for your birthday. The week has been great and the spirit was so strong. I am grateful I was able to be there for her and to see the other investigators and share feelings with each other. I love missionary work :) I'm a geek, i know...
I don't really have a story to tell like I usually do but this week was the first time that I had something unusual to eat. Something not NORMAL. They are called pork scrappings. The skin of the pig with the hair coming out.. AH!!!! Oh it was nasty. Something I kept burping up and I just could not stand the taste any longer. They love it here. the hair coming out of it is what turned me off of it. when you eat it, it is very crunchy and taste like a pig. GROSS! Anyway, I don't recommend anyone eat it but if you do, shave the pig first :s there ya go. This week I have learned a lot in having a positive attitude no matter what the weather is like and it helps so much. we are seeing miracles and being able to witness them all the time. Even though Aisha got baptized the Lord knows we are ready for more children. :) The members are helping us a lot and we had a lady come to church that really enjoyed the feeling in her friends home and came to church and is looking for that happiness in her life. We are so lucky to have the gospel. This is the perfect time to share it with everyone. People might be more receptive to the message. Share it with other. Give a BOM to someone. It is the best present to give to someone. I love you all. I love being a missionary and to be serving a mission. Stay Strong! Love you all!
Love, Sister Jenn Olsen!

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