Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Email 11/16/09 - Getting Cold!

" doing alright?"
they say that instead of "hi, how are you?" Fun stuff! Well this week has been getting colder and winder and wetter. :) Also might be losing our car in a couple weeks which is NO FUN! but we will see. The public transport is rubbish out here and so we are going to get cold. Right in time for the real WINTER they call it.
So This week has been great. Missionary work is slowing down a little but we are ready to work harder. One morning there was a hurricane with the windows shaking and rain going upwards and sideways. It was crazy. Then 2 seconds later it was sunny. That's England for you. The clouds move fast. Well sorry enough of the weather. Making soup a lot which is SO GOOD! Thanks to mom and dad :) also we had stake conference this week which was FANTASTIC! We had E Teciria and E Curr. come and they talked so much about missionary work which was so good for us. I guess the church has grown everywhere else but in Europe the last 10 years. So they are getting on them. Which they need to . We are doing all we can do. Everyone said they were found by tracting. They think the world is the same as 50 years ago. Its funny. But one thing I wanted to share was the difference between knowledge and understanding. For our testimonies we gain the knowledge to share with others what we have. But Understanding is what we all should have, which is the acquiring knowledge of truth that has been taught and APPLIED in life. And that is the biggest part. So they spoke on how we all have the knowledge. now we need to use that knowledge and UNDERSTAND IT. It was so good. Pretty much calling all the members unto repentance. In a kind way of course :) But really the members are great. They just need a lot of boosting for missionary work.
Last Night we met with John and Shelia who really love us coming to their home and recognizing the spirit every time we go. They said they wont be converted still but they ask so many questions and we talked about baptism and prophets and they are planning on going to Aishas baptism. We are so excited for them. So we will see how it goes.
Sports night is great and a lot of fun. The work is moving forward in different ways.
Well sorry it's short this week I love you all and good luck with the Christmas lights. I am telling people to watch the Olsen Christmas vacation trailer. So they understand the crazy family I come from :) I love you all and thanks for the emails and prayers.
Keep READING! It will bless and help you everyday!
-Love Sister Jenn Olsen!

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Anonymous said...

Been reading your blog and enjoying your experiences. Sounds as if you are really enjoying your mission. It's still nice here in GJ but snow is on the way. We are going to LV Dec 4 and will be stopping by StGeo to see the lights and say hi. Luv Aunt Marge