Monday, November 9, 2009

Email 11/09/09 - Lowestoft is still exciting!

How are you all? Its sounds like it is very busy in the Olsen residence. Here is Lowestoft it has been getting cold and the wind is starting to burn. But... they say it is not cold yet! Ha! (I always have to start with the weather.) So this week Nov 5th was "Guy Fox Day." It's their 4th of July. They have fireworks going off everywhere! Pretty much all week. We were able to sleep through it so that was a blessing. We got to see a lot of cool fireworks though from our flat. Also this week was Zone Conference and it was such a great spiritual upliftment and the President has such great insights how to help out the mission and make the work move forward. Its great! We had american drinks for our lunch there. And we also cleaned the car last p-day with John the Provider who is always helping us out. The mission gave out a clean car award. We won it! Yahoo! Nothing too exciting but it happened so why not tell you? :-) We visited with the couple that had gone to temple square and felt great about it but don't want to be converted. We saw them and talked to them. We didn't make it sound like a lesson but we taught, sang a song at the end and said a prayer to leave a blessing on their home. They were so delighted in having us there. John, the man told us, "I just want you to know this room is a totally different place when you sisters are here. It feels warm and happy and I really enjoy it and I hope this wont be the last time you come and see us." We asked if he wanted to know what that feeling was and he said no I don't need a label for it. Ha! but as we left with a prayer we thanked Heavenly Father for blessing us with feeling the SPIRIT! So we are hoping they continue to progress. step by step. He cried as we sang though. It was so spiritual! I loved it!
We had FHE and it is going so good! We got 9 people there this time and less actives are coming to church because they feel more involved and it has been such a great success. I love the members here. They are so fun! We make them play fun games that helps them get out of their comfort zone. It's great! So this week has also been eventful with a lot of investigators dropping us. So we have been working on ways to find more people like Aisha who is just so solid! We had been trying to get a hold on to one of the potential investigators, in the area book, and finally got an appointment this last week. The spirit was strong and it was a lady and her grand son who we got to go to sports night on Friday. They didn't come to church but things seem to be looking up again. Just got to stay motivated. even in the cold.
So another neat thing happened to me which I was very honored. We went to a baptism this week in another area to have Aisha be able to see a baptism before she gets baptised. Sister Shattuck and I also sang but that's besides the point. It went good. But Aisha was able to see and feel the spirit and how it all goes. Then on Sunday she came up to me and told me she didn't realize how personal the baptism program is and that she would rather have me be a speaker at her baptism then someone else she had chosen. I felt privileged to do it. I am not sure if I will be there. But it is an honor that she asked me. She is great! I love her and always will. She is Amazing! One day you all will have to meet her :) So missionary work is the best and if any of you can do it. DO IT! :)
Thanks for all your prayers. It means a lot. I love you all so much! And thanks for all the birthday wishes and all you have done for me to give me support.
Love Sister Jennifer LaMay Olsen!

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