Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Email 11/02/09 - Great Comp. to have and great place to be for a BIRTHDAY!

Hi Family!!
It has been a great week! The missionary work has been so busy and also has been exciting with so many surprises. I wasn't expecting much being on the mission and all. But this week has been great!
First of all I got the Zone to get together and everyone bought a can a spray paint and their shirts and then we all made shirts! It was so much fun! I had to get some motivated to do theirs because you know it does take a good amount of time. But after they saw ho we made a super man stencil for one of the elders they all wanted to make their shirt look cool. It was a lot of fun! S. Shattuck and I did the same thing on ours for our companionship shirt. We took pictures so I will send them. It reminded me of how long it took to do all our Disneyland shirts from the time we printed things out to make the stencils to spraying all the shirts blue in the park by Disneyland. What a project but so worth it to see us all in the end. Fun stuff!
We also had a dinner apt with a young family just like Beth and Jeff. They had a 2 year old boy and just had a brand new baby. They are really cute and the 2 year old boy reminded me so much like Garrett. I was just picturing Garrett talking like that and being a big kid like that little boy. It was crazy! I will have to take a picture of him and see what you think. Obviously he is not as cute but it was fun to see them and reminded me and Beth and Jeff.
We also have been getting the FHE going with those that don't have families in the church to do it. Its funny because they are all 50 or older and Sister Shattuck and I fit in and just laugh as we teach and they all are such like little kids. Its crazy that I am fitting in with adults like that. I guess I am OLD! Ha! It's a lot of fun though.
We have been working with the less-actives a lot. Met with a couple that had pretty much lost their testimony about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. So we showed him Elder Holland's talk. After that he didn't have much to say but "he told me" ha it was funny but we continue to work with them Great people here! Just need to look at the ETERNAL PERSPECTIVE!
So mom will like this and Ryan probably. We go to so many different houses. And all the ones that have cats always come and sit on my lap. I do nothing to tell them to come and sit. They just can sense that I have 5 cats a home. Weird animals. Then I'm all harry. I DON NOT MISS THAT! :)
So as you can tell the work is going great even though it is getting cold.
So about my birthday. It was fun! We had Weekly Planning so we didn't teach much. We were home all day. We did in the morning Eternal Marraige which was a lot of fun. then S. Shattuck took me out to lunch. Bless her. and then I made Faye's cake. SO GOOD! and we had top Roman for lunch that an elder got off of the air force base for us. Its funny how we take things for granted. It was very good! Ha! Then we had a dinner apt with a recent convert. She is great and has 3 little kids. The father is not a member but he is a chef and made me taco. YUMMY! They made me a chocolate cake and sang happy birthday. It was very sweet and perfect. Then we gave a lesson from the Book of Mormon children's book and the littlest boy has ADHD like Ryan and never pays attention but as we were reading his face was pasted to the book and kept asking who Nephi was. That was a great birthday present for me :) reminded me of Ryan! So much potential they have :) Then we went to practice choir at the chapel but we got there late and they had mutual. The bishop is an artist and was painting all the youths faces and then they had to take pictures and stuff. Anyway since we didn't have that much time left of the night Sister Shattuck and I got our faces painted, too. So we got to celebrate Halloween a bit. I'll send pictures. Its great! He did so good!!!! Then the bishop's wife had made me a cake and put 20 candles on it and after mutual they all sang to me. You know you are getting old when they can't fit all the candles on the cake. HA! It was fun! Had a great day! Thanks to all of you who helped me have a good one and the best present you gave me was fasting for me. It means so much to me. Thank you so so much! I love you all and I hope you keep looking for missionary opportunities.
BTW The baby! Mckinley! ADORABLE! Cutest thing ever!
Love you all! The new and improved Sister Missionary who is old (23<--that's weird!)
Sister Olsen!
P.S. Sister shattuck made whip cream from what I remembered how you made it dad and IT tasted the exact same as yours! AMAZING! :)

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