Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Email 10/19/09 - Missionary Work is AMAZING!

Hiya (is what they say here)
How is everyone doing? Sounds like life for the family has been very eventful. That is GREAT! It has also been eventful here in the mission in good ole ENGLAND!
So to start off...Sunday (yesterday.) It was a spirit filled day! We had all 3 recent converts come to church and a couple less active that we have been working with. It was great! And then Aisha came. She is AMAZING! I love her, she is so cute, she whispered to me in Relief Society if this would be ok to announce her baptism at. Ha! She is so funny. Then in Gospel Principles we talked about obedience S. Shattuck was talking about being compelled to be humble and how you don't want to be and stuff then Aisha come out of the blue and said yes can I share this scripture? It was Alma and it was that scripture S. Shattuck was talking about. It was so funny. You could not wipe the smile off out faces. She has been so prepared for the gospel. I love teaching her. She has been having a lot of hard times with being separated from her husband and so I invited her to have a blessing and explained to her what it is. Then she had one on Sunday and she was a completely different person when she came to church then after the blessing. All I remember her saying was "I know what I have to do now." with a big smile. It was so spiritual. I love the priesthood and the power that is has. Then later on Sunday, if that wasn't blessing enough, a recent convert, John (the one who is always providing for us water and food) was baptized like 4 months ago and he talked to someone about the church on the beach and we are seeing him tomorrow. WE called him today and he told us, yes I want to learn more about your religion. I was shocked! and then I asked when can we see you. He said later today or tomorrow. Today being our p-day we had no time so we are seeing him tomorrow. I will keep you posted. We have been so blessed. We have been doing this purification that the missionaries do here. Where you fast from something that takes your mind away from the work like other music or not waking up or whatever it be and S. Shattuck and I have been doing that. No afters or pudding (which is desert and sweets (candy)) So its been very good and you do it for 40 days and then you have gotten that habit and you continue to do it. It helps so much for you to see how you can always be better and be more obedient. Its great! So we are seeing blessings as you can tell.
So Chris and Carrie every time we see them it is always great! This time Carrie who is 23, her b/f and friends were asking us all these questions about the WOW and things like that. It was great and they thought highly of us. Chris is watching General Conf talks and Carrie we will start to teach this week and she said she will read anything we give her. She loves reading. We are really excited to see how it goes. They are great people. Want me to make them French Toast. So we will see.
Oh so I had an experience this week having Toad in a Pool and it was NASTY! My stomach did not like it, neither did my taste buds. Wow! It is sausage bread stuff. Not my favorite, also had beef stew which is a traditional English dish and I loved it. So we are getting fed good and it still seems like thanksgiving dinners every time we eat. So no worries. They might not celebrate thanksgiving but I have had my share to make up for the thanksgiving dinner but not the PEACH PIE :( Ha!
Oh another great experience! :) John & Shelia. We knocked on their door the first couple weeks we were here and they had gone to the temple square like 10 years ago and still remember the feeling and how neat of an experience it was. Well, they have never let us in when we go by and say hi when we are in the area. This week we went down and they invited us in. I think the cold helps that also :) but anyway...he had questions and we were answering them and they agree with everything we said and we pretty much taught the whole 1st lesson. The reason why before they didn't want us to go it was because they didn't want to get too deep. :) So we didn't say a payer but we sang at the end and John had tears in his eyes and then told us before we left that he hopes that it wont be the last time he sees us. Ha! Slowly but surely he will be baptized! He keeps telling us, Oh but you wont convert me. It was great! You can tell he thrives for the spirit. Missionary Work is AMAZING!
So there ya go! Mission work is doing great! We can see the work progressing along. Thank you again SO MUCH for all the prayers and support. It helps so much! I love you all and am praying for you also. Keep Smiling, Heavenly Father loves you all and wants you to be Happy! Serve one Another. Its the best thing EVER! Love you!
-Love- Sister Jenn Olsen

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