Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Email 10/12/09 - Im Staying in good ole LOWESTOFT!

We have another great addition to the family. Can't wait to see that little girl. Till then keep her well loved till I get there. Also, I am staying in Lowestoft with Sister Shattuck which we are so excited about and excited to have more amazing miracles happening here. But not excited about the cold that will be coming. Everyone said it has been very dry already and warmer then it should be this time of year. So I am counting my blessing :) But I can tell it is going to get COLD! Enough of the weather. That's a perfect thing to talk about here so I think that's why I am always talking about the weather. Its great to start a conversation. Anyway...So this week has been WONDERFUL! Some of the things that have happened. We gave Aisha a baptism date when she told us she wanted to be baptised on Nov. 28. Seems like forever but its on the Lords time. It will be 3 days after next moves so hopefully me and Sister Shattuck will stay here for another moves. We will see. Aisha is AMAZING! She is like our mom that has adopted us. She is always wanting to take care of us. But we take care of her also. She just moved and so we went to iron and unpack since she came to an enrichment activity. She is one who is so friendly with everyone. She fits in so well. We are doing a sports night for the young ones every Friday night to see if we can get less actives involved and maybe even her children. We taught her word of wisdom and she said, "ok when do I start." I told her. "Today!" She would do that too me, I just bought a big bag of tea. It was great. We love her. She also keeps in touch with the guy who spoke to her on the plane and lives in Big Bear, CA, kinda by Lancaster. That's fun! :)
Another cool thing happened this week...We met with a lady who is 99 years old. She just had her birthday this week and was a nurse in WW2. How cool is that! She still walks up and down stairs and has had her hip replaced and that's it. He eye sight is also going but she always is saying how lovely her life has been and how she counts her blessings and knows she is being watched over. We sat a talked for awhile and she showed us her wardrobe and all the closes she has are still from when she was 18 and 20s working as a nurse. CRAZY! She has never been married but she has loved life and she told us many stories of her and having to hide in cupboards in WW2 when the bombs came and how she had to get people out of places. It was so interesting. You know me. I could have stayed there for hours just listening to her stories. It was great. She is so cute! We sang count your many blessings and She absolutely loved it. Maybe we can baptize her! Ha...I'll let you know when we do :~)
We also got a referral that is from a ways away from Lowestoft, but still in our area. His name is Tony and he went to temple square and liked what he saw and heard. So we will start teaching him this week. I am excited about that.
The work is progressing very well. We are getting to know more less-actives and its been great! Seeing less-actives come to church is just as good and seeing investigators come to church.
I love it! It has been a slow week but good things have been happening.
Thanks again for all you do and your prayers. Don't forget the amazing talks from conference. I was finally able to watch E. Holland's talk and it was so powerful and motivates me to flood LOWESTOFT with the BOM and teaching of it. I love this gospel and I know this is the work of the Lord. He is guiding us and loves us.
Love you ALL!
-Love Sister Olsen!

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