Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Email 10/04/09 - Conference Week!

Hello Fam!
Oh what a great conference it was! I am sorry I don't have much time this week due to looking at pictures. Thanks. I love them. Conference. One thing I loved was to hear about the FHE, Prayer, Study...It is so true and I was laughing of all the times we had and the great memories. Maybe it wasn't effective at the time but I can look back and see the affect on me today. GOOD JOB MOM AND DAD! Keep it up! :) Also they talked about the natural man a lot which is getting to everyone I can see.
So about the area. A lot is happening. Just trying to get to know everyone still and way involved with the ward it is great! This week we went to a potential investigators house and tried to answer all his questions. Pretty much his concern came down to why is there so many bad things happening in the world if there is a god. That concern is probably the number 1. We answered it by the spirit and now he wants to learn more. I love teaching by the spirit. It is the best way and it is the only way.
One thing to know. It is getting cold and its windy. They call the wind LAZY because it doesn't go around just goes through can tell I'm excited...ha...not.
I really do love being a missionary and bearing my testimony to everyone. It is the best thing. I'm glad that I have decided to do this in my life and have this experience. Thanks to everyone for all the support and prayers I can tell they are helping.
Beth and Jeff! Good Luck if the baby comes before I get to email next week! I am so excited to see what she looks Like.
Love you all!
Pray for Missionary oppurtunities.
-Love- Sister Jennifer Olsen!

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