Sunday, October 4, 2009

Email 09/28/09 - A daughter of God has entered into the way!

Hello Family!
Oh it has just been a WONDERFUL week. We had a baptism which was obviously the high light of the week. I was amazing! The spirit was so strong! The day before Tracey was having so much opposition which I was waiting for because it is normal but it was very close that she was going to cancel. Her daughter who is 18 was having a hard time with her mom doing it without her as it would separate them. It was really hard for her but we saw her the morning before her baptism and helped her as much as we could and it was a miracle. The next day she felt so peaceful and was really excited for the baptism. We just went to talk to her to keep her excitement going. Then that night she felt so so good. S. Shattuck sings and sang a beautiful song and she cried. She is not one to cry so the spirit touched her. It was so great to see her so happy and to know her husband will be able to be baptized and then sealed later on. Being a missionary is the best! It's funny because here in Lowestoft there is not much for anyone to do on a Friday or Saturday night so everyone just gets drunk. The pubs are so full. So we were driving by them on the way home from the baptisms and saying how we were such on a spiritual high and we don't need to drink to have it :) and we will get up and still feel good :) it's the best way out! It was fun! Also Jenny, our other amazing investigator, came to the baptism and LOVED IT! She is amazing and is progressing so well! She is like in her 60's and I just love her already! :)
So another great story this week. We were tracting on Sat. and tracted into a women who had investigated the church 15 years ago! I was like 8...hello! She still has the strongest testimony ever but needs to get her life straightened out. Like marry the man she is living with. She was going to be baptized 15 years ago but then they wouldn't let her. Long story and don't have much time to write about it but she is amazing and I am so excited to get to know her more. She defends the LDS all the time when people talk about them and tells the JW's that come to her door that she is a Mormon. She is great!
We had Zone Conference this week also. It was so inspiring! Got to see all the missionaries that were in the mtc with me. It was fun! I love zone conferences. They motivate you, it never fails!
We also got a new DL because our other one left half way through the transfer but he was done with his mission. Our new DL has only been out 4 1/2 months! CRAZY! Half of the mission has been out less then 3 months. But we are still going strong! Also, I don't know if I told you, my Zone Leader is from Denmark. His accent is so funny. We talk about abelseavers too.
Something is this ward that we are doing has been working with the YW. Oh, it is so much fun! I love the young women. They are so strong! They have their evening of Excelence soon so we are helping them out. They are making wedding dresses out of paper and toilet paper. They are all so creative. It's fun to do something creative for a change :) ha
So there ya go. That is the week in a nut shell. Sister Shattuck and I are seeing so many miracles and it is so much fun! It has not gotten too cold yet ....I am just waiting...
Things are going great! Missionary work is hard but it is so worth it! I love you all so much! I pray for you all the time! Keep on having fun for me! ENJOY THE LAKE!
Love your Sister Olsen

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Dan Flake Family said...

For you info: Lindsey returns Nov. 13. She will report on Thanksgiving weekend. Dawson received his mission call to San Jose California Spanish speaking. He leaves Dec. 30. They will have 6 weeks together. Missions go pretty fast. Great to hear about Jen.