Thursday, September 24, 2009

Email 09/21/09 - Lowestoft is GREAT!

Well, Well, Well.... It sounds like a busy week for everyone! This week has been busy for us too. Not as busy as last week but as missionaries you are always busy. :) It has been a beautiful week with the sun shinning but I am beginning to think that its going to be the last of it for awhile. It already gets dark around 7 and we are going to be having to put clocks back. So we will see. So this week we have been busy trying to get Tracey the sister that is going to be baptised on Saturday and we have been trying to get all the lessons in that she needs so that she can get baptised in time. She is wonderful and is willing to keep all the commandments. She didn't come to church due to things getting in the way but she is pretty solid so pray for her if you can and we will be able to see her life change. I am so excited! She used to live the life and now is wanting to change it forever and her husband was excommunicated and getting ready to be baptised again in Dec. or somewhere around there and they want to be sealed. AMAZING! that's even better then a baptism I think! They are a cute couple. She reminds me a lot of Lisa. Its fun to talk to her and teach her. And then as for Jenny. We saw her with a member this week and she is AMAZING! She has been keeping commitment and reading a lot and has the best questions and wants to learn. The member and her got along so well and now she wants to come to the enrichment activity on Wed because she can't come to church. Ill keep you updated. She is great! :) We love her! Also this week, to pay off the lady that let us stay at her house when we got locked but of the house, we did her garden. Picked weeds and all that fun stuff! Ha! Yes mom I am getting my share in so when I come home I wont have to do it anymore :) It was fun though. She is such a lovely lady and it is the least we can do for her for all that she helps us with. Ok so I don't really have a great spiritual story this week. It just has been crazy but we have been meeting with a lot of the members and still getting to know them. My goal is to love the people more here. EVERY one is pretty much old and so it is making me stretch and helping me gain a lot of patience to sit there and listen to all their stories about 5 times and just talk talk talk that's all they do. I can not believe it, I am making myself be interested in all the stories. It just gets hard after 30 mins of the same thing. Ha! it makes me laugh though. I am so ready for bed though when it comes to that time. Its exhausting! fun stuff! But really the work is moving along. We had a dinner appt with a investigator who is Portuguese and that is saying a lot when an investigator invites you over for dinner. They really trust you. It was great they made very good pork. Nothing too crazy but we told them we will have to make them a American breakfast. I'll talk more about them later. I don't have much more time. I love you all and thanks for all the prayers and the support. LOVE THE WEATHER FOR ME!-Love you all, the church is TRUE!-Sister Olsen

btw we had the primary program this Sunday about Families...made me think of you! and there is always that one kid that yells out the songs. Oh and next week we sing Hie to Kolob in the choir. wish me luck! :) LOVES!


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Shattucks have a USB stick of photos and video of your daughter on the mission! Call me and let's figure out how to get together and share pics and video! Almost like Christmas, eh?

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Oops, I forgot to log out as her, this is actually Momma Shattuck.