Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Email 09/01/09 - MOVED AGAIN!!!!

Hello Family!!!!!
WOW!!! I have a ton of things to update you all on. So first of all I moved again...CRAZY! I am whitewashing with Sister Shattuck. We usually move tomorrow but the president had us move Sunday morning. It has been very hectic lately. I can't believe it. I am way excited to be with Sister Shattuck, we get along really well and have fun and both work hard and have strengths in different areas that make us work so well together. So yes...the area I am in is in Lowestoft. It is the most eastern point in England. We live right by the Sea. The North Sea I think it is called. We have the beach breeze and the seagulls everywhere. It is beautiful here. A lot different then central London, that's for sure. Also I AM DRIVING!!!! The president didn't even consider me when he thought of moves and how I have never driven here. Anyway so it is crazy but I seem to be getting the hang of it. It has been two days and no crash yet. There are crazy roundabouts everywhere also. So yes... the ward here is a type of ward that is wonderful and everyone is related. We are slowly getting to know them. The bishop is great and we have been having a lot of fun getting to know them. Its crazy to not know anything again. But the president said we probably will be here for a couple months. I hear when a sister gets in this area they stay her for 6-9 months. But I guess we will see. Sister Abellan was here before Enfield and was telling me how cold they were in the winter. One of the coolest places in the London Mission because of the coast. FIGURES! I would be serving in it during the winter. It is still pretty nice the wind makes it cooler. :(
So yeah about our last area. We left giving 3 baptismal dates to the two Chinese people and a guy from Brazil who is absolutely amazing. Frederico is his name and we found him at the triathlon that what being held in central London. We taught him and found out that he needed something in his life. He got a job and a new place to live because his flat mate was no good. Drugs and all and he didn't like it. Anyway, we taught him almost everyday when he didn't have a job so it was so nice. Saturday was his birthday and that was when we had to tell him the news of us leaving. He was so sad he started to cry. I couldn't believe the things he said on how we touched his life. It was amazing to hear how humble he was. Funny story about him. We went to shake his hand to say goodbye and he said wait I can't hug you? We said not as missionaries. Then as innocent as he was. He pointed up and said, can I ask him if I can...Ha it was so funny! We really are going to miss teaching him but we know he is in good hands and will be looking forward to the news of his baptism on September 19. Another neat thing about Frederico was that we wanted to watch a movie one night and invited another non member. She came and was having a hard time in her life. Frederico was there and ended up testifying to her. It was nuts and so good to see that he realizes the blessings of the gospel in his life. :)
This week we also have had companionship study with Sister Patch because she lived so close to us. It was such a great experience to have her spirit there and the insights she shared with us.
So, being in this new area. Our flat is pretty spacious and works out well. But yesterday morning was a bank holiday so no one was working and our shower went out while I was in the middle of my shower. All soapy. I couldn't believe that is was happening. Being in a new area and already trails. HA! I just laughed and told Sister Shattuck to start bringing in buckets. We still have not gotten it fixed so we have been doing it the old fashion way. Fun to be a missionary! Ha! :)
One also really neat thing is that one of the members in the ward always looks after the sister missionaries very well. She is such a neat lady. Works at a charity shop and all. We were sitting down with her talking about the ward and how we are so excited to be in Lowestoft and do the work our Heavenly Father wants us to do out here. We have felt a lot of comfort that we are supposed to be here. It has been really neat. I thought I would be very stressed out being the trainer in a totally new area, driving, and everything. No cold sore yet! (knock on wood. ha!) But really I have been so blessed to feel the comfort. So thanks everyone for the prayers and support. It has helped so much, I can feel it. But anyway the Sister we were talking to told me that she feels like she has met me before! CRAZY! That is the second person on the mission that has sincerely said that to me. Every time I get the chills and know I am supposed to be here.
It has been great to be here. Sis. Shattuck and I had a great bike ride right by the shore of the beach this morning for our workout. It was LOVELY! :) Everyone is English here and I am noticing a little change of how I talk. People are very nice and love to chat. A lot more old people here also.
So I don't remember what else is there but the members feed us really well here...I liked controlling what I ate before. But I will do what I can to stay healthy.
Love you all fam! It's so great to get your emails and all.
The church is true and continue to read your scriptures. They are the BEST! I have learned so so much!

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Lizzie said...

We have not heard from our Sister Missionary yet, Sister Shattuck, so we are so very much comforted by Jenn's blog, and knowing they are in such a beautiful place and having great spiritual experiences. I do believe that Sister Shattuck's email is completely down, and we are a tiny bit frustrated, but hope to hear from her soon... I'm quite sure her email is down, so we're grateful for your daughter's message.