Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Email 08/24/09 - The work is moving forward

Thanks for all the updates on your week. Sounds like the Lake was fun but different...Glad you like the pictures. If you think of anything I can take pictures of that you would like to see let me know. I am immune to everything now. So yeah. Oh and Moves are next week. I will know if I move on Monday next week. So Tuesday is our P-day next week just to let you know. Well we went shopping today and I saw so many cute things and I just tell myself this is double the money and don't get anything. Sister Shattuck LOVES to shop. I guess mom prepared me for that one. :) ha ha.

So this week was great! Things are moving along. We got a new golden investigator named Fredrico from Brazil. We saw him last week and he came to a baptism that the Elders had and to church. After church he asked us how he can become a member of the church!!!!! I had to ask him to say it again to make sure I heard him correctly. I was amazing! I hope I will stay for his baptism but if not I know the Lord wants me somewhere else. We only have one sister coming in this Move and one leaving so there is still a odd number of sisters. So I am thinking we are staying together. But who knows?

We went on 3 way splits this week also and it was very successful. Each one of us went with another member. So a girl from Arizona came with me and she went to Romania on her mission. Before we finished we stopped a Romanian who should be coming to church and wants to change her life. It was amazing and I love it! The spirit was guiding us.
This Sunday was also amazing. No a/c and it was very hot. But the spirit was strong and the members are so good at fellowshipping our investigators so they feel welcomed. Also the guy we stopped in the street when no one was on the street came to institute and really enjoyed it. We are so blessed to have all these things that people can come and feel the spirit. Our Chinese investigators are learning slowly but they are great and love learning more and more.
Things this week have been great. I passed my 7th month mark and not even knowing it. The time is going faster and faster. I love being here and seeing how people have the desire to change. It is great to be here and serve. We are getting more busy but we still walk a lot.

I love you all and keep enjoying the sun and get a tan for me! Love you!
-Love Sister Olsen!

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