Monday, September 7, 2009

Email 09/07/09 - Lowestoft Area!

It has been another eventful week. It is a great area seeing the ocean and trees. It feels like I am not stuck in one area even though I am :) So this area there was sisters before. There have been missionaries for years but we are both new here so we didn't know the members or streets or investigators. Everyone has to come up an introduce themselves. We have an investigator that is getting ready for baptism and she had to come up to us at church and tell us whom she was. It was weird. It is supposed to be the other way around... Anyway, this week we found a new investigator. (Btw everyone is old here) ha ha she is 60s I would say and she is so open to learn more. She is in a Church of England church and everything we told her makes sense. She didn’t get the Trinity she saw them as three people and we told her they were. And she doesn’t feel her sermon says the right things. She has been searching...waiting for us to find her. She is so nice and we had her pray at the end of the lesson. I think that is the best thing to hear on your mission. Is hearing these investigators to pray for the first time from their heart and not from something that is written down. The spirit just touches your heart and knowing that they see you as a servant from the Lord. I LOVE IT! So neat.
Also this week we have been getting to know the fewer actives and all the ones we taught decided to come to church. Everyone here knows everyone or is related so getting those less actives to church means a lot to them. Very close ward. We are also in the Choir because the other sisters were. Fun stuff :)I struggle at speaking, but it helps them to have another voice. :) So now I know what you did dad. Ha
Another eventful experience happened this week. Last night, Sunday night, we left the keys in the flat. The landlord lived far away so we had to stay at a member’s house till this morning. Yeah, I am a forgetful person and hopefully we learned from it. I just laughed because it always happens to me but now sister Shattuck had to deal with it. Good story though. So we were homeless last night. Good thing we have a member that will do anything for us. She is amazing! Serves EVERYONE she can. Still I don’t like asking anyone for help.
We tracted a lot this week and didn’t find really anyone but had some good conversations about people not wanting eternal life. HA these old people are crazy! But we meet some one that went to SLC for a trip and loved the feeling there and they said they don’t want to be converted. But we are going to just casually talk and stuff and they will be converted :) they like us. Ha. Its fun to talk to old people, sometimes they just never stop talking. Well...most of the time, we just hear story after story.
Another cool thing, we went to the stake president’s house for dinner on Sunday and the house they live in used to be used as a hospital for WW1 and WW2 and also a place where servants did the washing and so on forever ago. They have remodeled it but they dug up their bath that was in the yard and have it and they have a cellar. It is so cool! It looks way nice now but you can imagine how it used to look like. I love history. Fun stuff and I thought dad you would like to hear that :)
Oh and as for is crazy. Sister Shattuck cant look at a map while I am driving so we get LOST A my patience a lot but we are getting better. I am trying to figure it out before we leave the house. It will come. But being on the other side of the road is not bad since I have not driven for 7 months.
Things are moving along. The spirit is so strong but we are already getting cold. We were in church with our coats on and everyone was asking us if we were going somewhere. WE were just cold. So I think it’s going to be a joke the whole time we are here. I love you all
Keep me updated. The church is true!
Love Sister Jenn Olsen!

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