Monday, August 24, 2009

Email 08/17/09 - Another week in London!

Hello Family!

So some things about this week. Things are picking up more and we actually feel like we know what we are doing and more comfortable with the ward. So we found a girl Karmen 23 and she works here and is from Spain but speaks good English. She is awesome! We met her on the street and she came to the church for a Tour and then after the tour she wanted to learn more about the religion and was very interested in how we were so optimistic and happy. She told us the day we stopped her that she was actually thinking that she needs to do better things in her life and straighten up. Crazy how the spirit works. I love it!
Also this week we found where there are dorms of a college so we can go around there and find all the single adults! Yahoo! I'm excited! Hopefully it will be a good place to start to find people.
We also had Zone Conference this week and it went very well! President Patch is great and knows exactly what we need as missionaries. His wife is great also and takes care of us. So don't worry about it mom :)

So also another story, they are all about finding people because that is what mostly we do these days. We were walking somewhere and there was no one really there on the street. Then a guy comes around the corner and we started talking to him and he was actually trying to get out of his house because he lives with a alcoholic and wants to get out. We were telling him about the church and how they can help him find a job and he was so excited to actually get to know better people with high standards. So I'll let you know what happens with that. Hopefully we can help him and his life!!!
Another good story, we were walking down a really busy street called Oxford Street where all tourists are pretty much. I was praying in my heart to know the reason why we are there and who we are supposed to stop and talk to. Then 5 mins later I got to see John, an investigator from my old area in Enfield. It was so awesome to see him. And talk to him and get him more motivated to get baptized. It made me happy :)
Also this week we had a baptism and it was awesome! A late 20 guy from South Africa the other elders in our ward taught him. It was so spiritual and very very good. It is so awesome to see all these baptisms and see the happiness that they get. Its so cool!!!!
We had a lunch with the Senior Couple. They are the cutest thing ever! They will be married for 50 years this year and they are over all the young adults and pretty much want to be our grandparents and want to help us in anyway. So we are being taken care of. No worries. Elder Little gives us hugs too. Ha, he said we need one every once in awhile. They are great!
Well that's it for this week. Sister Umurshadyan birthday is tomorrow also and so we are going to see some other fun stuff today. Our p-days are not any longer relaxing. We are always on the go. Fun stuff!
I love you all, the prayers are working and I love them. Pray for missionary moments for yourselves :) Love you all
Sister Jenn LaMay Olsen!

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