Monday, August 3, 2009

Email 08/03/09 - In London again!

Hello Everyone! So this week has been good. We have been doing a lot of walking again...Still trying to find people waiting the hear the gospel. It has been hard work but the more and more we do it the better it gets. We went finding with the presidents wife and it was so funny how she would stop people. Gave me a different way to approach people. Ha. One of the people she stopped came for a chapel tour and wants to come to church this next Sunday. It is pretty exciting! Then We have Sam and Gaing who are Chinese and we are teaching them and they are understanding and liking what they are hearing. They are slow learners but It is so good to teach them. We also have been see the members to get to know them more and gain their trust. Sunday was awesome! I miss those college ward testimony meetings. They are so awesome! I really like it here. I run in Hyde Park Almost every morning if my companions come and it is so Beautiful! It is a huge Park and a lot to keep my mind distracted instead of a garage park. ha. The work is moving forward. My companions are a lot of fun just Striving to do our best! :)
got to go
Thanks for everything!
Love SIster Olsen!


Lizzie said...

Thank you for your wonderful Daughter! My daughter LOVES her for a traine and also Sister Umershadyan. Give us a call anytime, I'd love to meet you! 801-471-6126. The Shattuck Family!

Lizzie said...

Whoops, I guess I was still signed is as my daughter, updating her blog. :) Linda Shattuck