Monday, August 10, 2009

Email 08/10/09 - Brit Ward, always new things happening!

Hello FAM!
Well things in Central London have been great! We did another 21 hours of finding people this week, walking and all. That's a lot of talking and walking :) ha ha.
First tell JD HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR ME! 4 years old! Holy Cow! that is crazy! I know he will be spoiled and have so much fun. Chelle let me know how it goes.
So this week we went to an american style mexican food restaurant and it was AWESOME! I miss chips and salsa and good food! ha ha. We went for the AP birthday. We have the AP and the office elders in our district so it is a lot of fun, but doing trainings in front of the AP are very different :) ha ha I love it though. we learn a lot of good things from them. Also we went on splits and Alex form the Enfield ward came down and we went together. She told me all the updates in Enfield. It seems like tons of things are happening and I'm excited to see how many people get baptized. Also found out the people we left, that we were living with there, have swine flu. Glad I got out! :) But we have been finding more people that seemed to be more solid and interested. We saw a place while tracting that looks like Venice in France which was neat. There is so many cool things that we see while walking around. It never gets boring :)
We also had our 1st dinner appt here in the singles ward. It was very good! And the members are so awesome and helping us out.
So a miracle that happened this week. We have been trying to find a Mandarin speaker from china that can help us teach our Chinese investigators. On Sunday we were having a meeting and a guy walks in the mission office wanting the number to the Chinese branch. He happens to speak Mandarin!!! Just walks in, CRAZY! Our prayers have been answered and he is willing to come to all the lessons. We are so excited!
It has been an awesome week. We had a lot of members bring non member friends and investigators bring their friends too. It is amazing! I love it here and looking forward to another great week!
Thanks for all you do!
Love you all
Sister Olsen!

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