Monday, July 27, 2009


Hi Everyone!
So just to answer some questions first. Mail to the Mission Home. We are about a 5 min walk away. Sister Shattuck, she read and commented on my blog before she came out, so when she heard I was her trainer she was so excited because she already knew me. So that's fun. Her parents live in Ceder Hills, Utah but moved there about 2 years ago from Hollister, CA. She knows Shellie and her daughter and all that fun stuff. Ha.
I will not take the driving part of my test till I go into a car area. Now we are just walking EVERYWHERE!!!!! I have never walked so much in my life! We are finding almost 9 hours a day walking non stop. Looking for investigators. CRAZY! And being a trainer you have to be the one that encourages and no complaining. It is way different from the Enfield area but it gets better every day. I can't believe I am walking the streets in Central London everyday. I never thought that would happen. There is a college not too far from the church, like across the street, and we are looking for single adults. The ward is AMAZING! They are so supportive and so many people and just begging us to go out with us and teach with us. I can't believe how much they help us out. We have 2 investigators we are teaching not like 10 in Enfield but they both are from China. We meet everyone from EVERYWHERE! They are very receptive to the gospel and we will continue to teach them. I met a lady from the Philippines on the bus and I am excited to teach her. I am talking to so many people. I never thought I would be like that. I always was hesitant to talk. But now I am the example and here I am having to challenge myself more. Its great though.
The Flat was disgusting when we got into it. We have been cleaning a lot and now we finally feel the spirit there. It's a lot bigger flat then where I came from. We live in the basement and President said it is the most expensive flat in the mission. CRAZY! Anyway. I love my new companions. They are great! I am excited to get things moving forward. Being a trainer is alright... I am sure I will get better and trying to show my greenie that I know what I am doing. Good thing I like to be organized. There is a lot to do but it is all working out.
I am excited to be here. We are going to look at the sites today so that everyone can focus on the work instead of what is around us. HA! I am the only one that has seen the sites so the other two sisters get distracted very easily. I love it here though. The spirit is strong. We are protected and things are moving forward. Slowly but surely :)
Love you all. THANK YOU so much for the prayers and support. I need all I can get right now. The church is true and the work will go forth boldly!
Love your Sister Olsen!

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Linda said...

She's excited too! - Sister Shattuck 801-471-6126 Call me, and I'll hook you up with her blog too!