Monday, July 13, 2009

Email 7/6/09 - It's sunny and raining in London

So this email is going to be all over the place. Just trying to get everything in it. Thanks so much for the pictures!!!! I am glad you got a chance to go to the Oquirrh Temple and experience the spirit that is there and to see the sealing rooms. Helps you notice the eternal perspective and makes everything else in life seem like it doesn't matter as much. I love the temple and I miss going but I am glad you got to go. Sad you didn't get to see my companions. Speaking of them. I got letters from them and a ton of pictures. It was the best thing ever to get. All the people I was teaching there, except one family, have been baptised. Seeing those pictures and know I had the opportunity to help them understand the gospel and the happiness they can have for the rest of their lives. It is such a great feeling. The scripture that says how great your joy will be for bringing one soul unto him will be great. And the joy of bringing more than one is beyond any kind of joy. It is absolutely true. It was so so good to see them all and I am excited to come home to visit them and see how they are doing.

So glad you did something for the 4th of July. I ate some watermelon and that's about it to celebrate. Ha! fun to be a missionary! The talk I gave was just short and sweet. Nothing too fancy just shared Ether 12:27. I love that one. then talked about it. The flat we were supposed to move in did not work out which stinks so we are still looking. I am still not sure when we are moving and so yeah...sorry. So the New mission President is AWESOME! I already am looking forward to the changes that will be happening. We will be having Zone Conference this week so I'm sure a lot will change. We had interviews this week to meet him and so he could meet us. He is from Orem Utah and was over the Institute and so we talked a lot about that and the teachers. But the first thing he was telling to us was the difference between president Hinckley and Monson. ha ha good stories. He worked in the church office building so he has a lot of them. He reminds me of President Monson. He is telling us stories all the time. The difference between the two, President Patch told us, was that Hinckley was on time and started the meeting right when he got there and was straight to the point. Then Monson came along and waits for who ever is late even it if it's been 15 mins after the meeting and he will just tell his drivers he needs to go see someone. He follows the spirit to a "T" It was just good to have him here and know all changes might be hard but for our good. So the week has been good and eventful with the new mission president. We went on work overs. Another Sister came here and Sister Abellan went to another area. It went very well. It was fun. We found a family from tracting from Romania and they came to church the next day. It was a miracle. Things are doing good here. I love it! :) Well I got to go Love you all! Enjoy your hot week!
Sister Olsen!

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