Monday, July 13, 2009

Email 07/13/09 - Another one coming into the fold :)

Hi Everyone!
It was so good to hear from you all. Note that next p-day will be on Tuesday due to moves. I don't think I will be moving but you never know having this new mission president and all. So we will see. So I will be emailing on Tues. We had Zone Conference this week and it was very spiritual and uplifting. Learned how we can involve the members more with the missionary work, because they are essential for people to come to Christ. We taught the Romanian family with a translator and it went very well. They didn't come to church but we will continue to work with them. They are a very nice and humble family. We had FHE with the members and Richard the one that stopped smoking and is supposed to be baptized this Sat. went with us and we were talking about the priesthood and what it is and so on. He was answering a lot of the members questions. He is amazing and will be a very good priesthood holder. I am excited for Saturday. Wish us luck! :) Oh and just a note, I passed the Theory Car Driving Test. I couldn't believe how well I did. For sure the Lord is with me and watching over me. I couldn't believe it! So my next test will be on the road behind the wheel. SCARY! These drivers are crazy! but I am not sure when I will do that. I might wait until I get into a area where I drive a car and not public transport. So this Sunday we got 7 investigators to come to church. That is like unheard of. We have been so blessed by always trying to work hard. It is amazing to see all of these people love the feeling they get when they come to church. One of those was a lady we have been trying to get to church since March. So it was really neat! The lord does provide a way! So that's about all the updates I have for you. It has been raining on and off but it has not been too bad. The work is busy here in the Enfield area, it is going very good. I love helping people change their life. The church is TRUE! I'm am so grateful to have been born in such a great family so now I can help others have the same blessing I have. I love you all! Take CARE!

Sister Jenn Olsen!

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