Monday, June 29, 2009

Email 6/29/09 - Still in Same ole England :)

Hiya family!
So the Email this week is being retarded so sorry if this is short.
So we had "helping hand" this week. It is where the Stake gets together and we all go somewhere in the woods and help the community. We had a very good turn out and our investigator came. We pulled weeds and took down a fence and all that kind of fun stuff. We were dead after that day and it was a hot and sunny day also. I forget I like the heat when you can go to the lake and cool off. Ha! It's all good though. We enjoyed ourselves and had a bbq after. Ribs were served. They reminded me of yours dad. But of course, not as good :) 
This week we had one of our investigators come to a member's house so we could teach him there. The problem was that they both were flirting in front of me and Sister Abellan the whole time. It was so hard to concentrate and keep the spirit there. They are like 50 or late 40s. It was so so awkward! Ha! it was an experience I will not forget. That's for sure. The mission is awesome! There are always good stories, spiritually, awkward, funny, and so on.
So not that you really care but I just thought I would share that. But yeah I am doing very good here! Still working hard and by the end of the day I am ready for bed.
Things are progressing. We might be having 2 baptisms this next mouth so that is very exciting! We have been tracting a lot to find people and its been sunny then raining 2 hours after. the weather is so so weird. But I can tell my arms are getting some sun but other then that, I am WHITE like Mom! YAHOO! not ha ha
Oh I also spoke Sunday again because they needed last min speakers. It was way nice. The spirit was strong and I am getting more comfortable. The ward is awesome and it has been so fun getting to know them.
Thanks for all the support. We get a new president this week. Crazy!
Love you all!
God bless you! I pray for you every day. Continue to read the scriptures :)
Love Sister Jennifer LaMay Olsen

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Michele Nuttree said...

Hello Sister Olsen.
I would like to thank you for everything you have posted on your blog!
First of all let me introduce myself.. I'm Michele from Brazil and I just found out that I'm going to serve in the England London Mission.
(can you imagine the shock I got? haha :-)... So every single word that you wrote was worthfull to me.
Thank you so much!

If it's not a problem for you I'd like to talk to you by e-mail to make a few questions.

Thank you again!!

Michele (Sister Nogueira)