Saturday, July 25, 2009

Email 07/21/09 - I'M MOVING & TRAINING!!!! AH!!!

Holy Cow FAMILY!!!!
It has been such an eventful week! I probably won't even be able to write everything that has been going on.
First of all...I am MOVING and TRAINING!!! I can not believe it! Me and Sister Abellan are moving and Elders will be coming into this area. A lot of the members are sad and our investigators. (Including Jacqui, but I'll keep in touch with her. She is one I would like to see after the mission. She said she wants to meet my parents :) ha) But yeah I am sad to leave but everything seems to be working out. We just had our 4th baptism for this area. In the mission we are getting 20 new missionaries and so there are a lot of new trainers. The AP is taking this area, so it is on good hands.
So I am going to be in a triple companionship. I think the other sister is from Russia/Georgia and then We will be getting a new greenie tomorrow. I can't believe it. We are also white washing into an area that is in downtown London. They are splitting the downtown area. I will be over the Britannia Ward which is the single adults ward. WEIRD! But now I will be walking the streets of the REAL LONDON and not the ghetto part. It is more posh (rich) downtown so it will be harder to find those people with an open heart but I am willing to find them because I know the Lord prepares people.
So today we had a trainers training and it was really good. I'm excited to train but now I got to watch what I am doing. HA! I don't know what my address is yet but the mission home address works because that is where we will be going to church and we are not too far away from it. So mission home works for now. Oh and we found a brand new flat for the Elders so we were excited to get it but now they get it. The only thing that is good is that we don't have to move all the stuff. I'm happy about that because you all know how much I love moving. ha...not!!
So Mom or Dad I want pictures of Lake Powell :) ha ha I need to look at it at least :) like send to me in picture form and not over the internet :) THANK YOU!
So we had our baptism this last Sat. It was very spiritual and it was so good to see him get baptized after 3 years of investigating the church. He told us he couldn't have done it without our help. But we explained to him that is was the spirit and Heavenly Father helping him through us. Amazing!
We bore our testimonies in Sacrament Meeting because the bishop asked us to. Obviously he knew we were leaving. It was very spiritual and I have gained such a love for these people here. It has been such a great experience to be here. Ready for more and better ones to come in my new area. :)
My thoughts are pretty much everywhere since we have a lot of people to call and see and write notes, and so on, to. But this week had been just great. I love being a missionary and meeting new people and teaching them the best thing that can help them in their life.
So're at the lake with the whole family and you better be having a GREAT time for me! :) Its raining a lot here but still warm. Weather here changes all the time.
Well I love you all and thank you so much for all the support and prayers, I have felt the love and support. I couldn't ask for a better family! :)

P.s. This week I got an insight I would like to share. The question was. WHY DOES JESUS CHRIST GIVE US THE HOLY GHOST AS A GIFT AFTER BAPTISM INSTEAD OF ANY OTHER GIFT? There is no way we would be able to endure to the end without the Holy Ghost. That is the next step after getting baptized and receiving the Holy Ghost. It such a special and precious gift. We should all take it for what it is worth and use it the best that we can. LISTEN and FOLLOW the prompting it gives us and that is the way we can be happy for ETERNITY! :) Love you all!

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