Sunday, May 31, 2009

Email 5/25/09 What a great weekend!

Hi Everyone!
Thanks for all the emails. I love them! And so this week was just great! We had Zone Conference and got to be trained from our leaders and that one sister Missionary I met in the store she is here and I have seen her again. It was fun to talk about that moment. Zone Conference was so great! It is motivating and the president is a great man. He is going to be leaving next month or the next. Great news for me. We are having Elder Uchdorf and Elder Anderson and Elder Oaks come to our area on June 6 and 7. We have stake conference with 3 stakes and we actually get to go to the meeting where they will be and at two of the stakes they will be broadcasting. So we are lucky and I am so excited! They said to come with questions you would want to ask an apostle. What would you want to ask an apostle if you could? I'm way excited. Even though I have seen them in General Conference. This will be way different.
Also this week we had a baptism. It was absolutely amazing! I loved it! Shola is going to be such a great addition to the Enfield ward. Her whole family came. She is the oldest of 4 kids and her 2 brothers and sister are all teenagers and they loved it also. They said they are going to be coming to our church and we have referred the family to the elders where they live. I am sure that they will be baptized also. Shola got up to bear her testimony and she said earlier in the day she had Satan working on her and she told herself that she was not going to be baptized. Then I guess she changed her mind and she showed up and when she was telling us she could not describe the feeling she has felt and encouraged her whole family to be baptized and that she is so so grateful to have met the church when she did because she just had a baby 5 months ago. It was just so good to sit there and know that it was only through heavenly father and her faith that she was baptised. I am so grateful to be here to just help her understand what we believe in. She also asked me to give a talk at her baptism so I felt really privileged to have. She is amazing and its great that the work is moving forward.
Also we met with a family from Ghana in the ward and had dinner. So the culture is that they eat dinner by themselves and then the guests eat before or after. so me and sister Abeallan sit and eat and they don't talk while you eat. It is so so different then us. Like I just want to talk to everyone when we talk and get to know them but that's not how you do it. It is so weird. I feel awkward just eating in silence. Nothing like our family dinners at all. ha ha

Annalisa, I'm sure you are a free women now, graduating and all. Have fun while you can before more school! Ha ha tell me how it all went and grad night and the lake and what you felt.
Well I better get going. Sorry I emailed late today, we had an activity that 100 people sang the efy melody of sisters in Zion and army of Helaman to all different religions. It was amazing and a great experience. Enjoy the lake.

Oh and moves are on ~June 10th so June 9th will be the p-day that week. but next week should still be Monday.I love you all so much
Thanks for all your support and prayers!
Preach the Gospel everywhere!
Love-Sister Olsen

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Dan Flake Family said...

Wow, Jenn is doing so great! We ae excited that she is having so much success. Send her our love. Lindsey has been out one year this week! It goes fast.