Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Email 10/18/09 What a Great Week!

Hi everyone!

England is wonderful. It has rained this week here and there but the sun comes out here and there also. When it rains, after the smell is wonderful and not stuffy with smoke and all. So its all good I guess.We had 1 baptism happen this week Lauren the 11 year old got baptised on Tuesday and it was amazing! Very spiritual and it was the last of the family to be baptised and the are 5 children and so everyone was so happy and it was really neat to experience. Dorcus did not get baptised. She does not want to be baptised twice and we explained to her everything so we are going to teach her everything again and she just needs to gain a testimony and have time to pray and know for sure. So its all good but we love her and have not given up on her yet. We have a baptism this Saturday though. Shola, the lady that came up to the church so see what time we started. She was a miracle and she is so excited to get baptised and invited her husband and mom and grandma and sister to church Sunday and they all want to go again. they don't live in our area but we will refer them. It was amazing! I am so excited for her and she is so ready to be baptised. So pray for her to continue to have that surety :) Annalisa I can't believe she will not be in school for awhile. Crazy!! That's exciting though. Yell loud for me since I can't be there at graduation! Go Pine View! Last grad from there! Make it meaningful! ha ha Father and sons sounds fun also Ryan don't get better then me with a gun! I bet you loved getting into the mountains again dad, its been awhile for you.
So yeah we have had a busy week but it has been good. Here is a great experience we had: Terry is a lady that just came to church one day and she is amazing and we are continuing to teach her. she needs to be married before she can get baptized. But anyway we have been teaching her for 2 weeks or so. We found another lady on a bus named Norma. She lives far away from where we live, like 1 hour and a half. We were not going to visit her but I said no we need to. we will study on the bus on our way there so we wont lose too much time for the work. So we got there and taught Norma. She is wonderful and asks very great questions and wants to learn everything. We later found out that she was from Zimbabwe where Terry is from and we told her that we were teaching someone else from there. Norma said oh I have a friend named terry that I have not been able to get a hold of for 3 years because she moved and I moved and I lost my phone and got a new number. Well we invited them both to church. They both came and Terry was the lady Norma was talking about. Friends from the past that found each other through the Lord. It was amazing! They were so excited and they both have a little child so they were going crazy but it really shows that the Lord is helping us out and through the spirit we can help these people. I am loving the people here more and more. I don't want to leave this area. They are my family over here. Its been so good though, doing this work. Well I better get going. Thanks for all your support.

You're all in my prayers!
Love Sister Olsen!

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