Monday, June 1, 2009

Email 6/01/09 - I love this work!

hey hey!
So the family went to the lake, Annalisa graduated, Ryan is a teenager and it sounds like a fun week for you.
My week had been great! I got your package and love it. When is fathers day? I forgot? sorry that was random.
Well I talked on Sunday about helping the one? I had no idea what to talk about. I wrote what I was going to talk on and I never looked at what I wrote. It was weird and I don't know if anyone could understand me but I completely told stories and said a bunch of stuff. I felt the spirit, so that is good :) ha ha. It was a great Sunday though. Shola is still coming to church and we are trying to get her husband so they can be sealed together. That would be so neat.
I got my hair cut today and I don't think it has been this short for a very long long time. It seems short but you know how it is. Promise dad I wont cut it too short I just don't want to have to cut it a lot out here. Things have been busy and we have been finding new investigators and we did more tracting this week with the nice weather and didn't teach as much. I like teaching a lot more, but we need to find those to teach.
Moves are next week. I don't think I will be moving but if I am I will let you know. I have been in this area for 2 months. It seems like not that long but I am getting a lot more comfortable with the buses and things like that. I have been reading the Ensign since we missed the last session and I love it. Also the priesthood session. The scriptures touch me so different out here and I love the reading them all the time. Next week I will be going to London so hopefully I can send pictures. I'm pretty excited. Hopefully it works out this time.
Thanks for every ones support. Things are looking up, even though I don't have a cool story for you. I love you all and I better get going.
The church is true no matter where you go.
Look at the eternal Perspective.
Love you!
-Sister Jenn Olsen!!!

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