Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Email 05/04/09 - Miracles Happen!

Hello my blessed family!
How is everyone doing? I hope you week was good! Mine had ups and downs but the good times always out weight the bad. So Dorcus, an investigator that we have been teaching and was supposed to have a baptism this coming sat but she is not ready yet so we are postponing for a week hopefully it pulls through. Her family has a hard time with it. But she knows the feelings that she gets when we teach her and she can not deny it. But she will be baptised soon. So sunday was just amazing! Fast and testimony meeting... we had Shola, our investigator who came up to the church to see what time we meet. She got up to bear her testimony. Not a member yet and have only taught her lesson one. It was amazing! She shared an experience that she has been trying to pass the driving test (it is very hard here) and this was her 7th time. It was the week we met her and after we taught her a couple days later she went to take it and passed! She called us right after and she knew that she is doing something right in her life. She can feel the change already. It was just so amazing to feel her spirit as a non member. Also a lady came to RS and Sunday school because she didn't know when we had church and it was her first time and we have an apt to teach her tonight and already loves the church. Miracles are happening and we have a huge area and not enough missionaries to cover it and the Lord is still blessing us. It is amazing! I'm excited for more weeks to come.
Also Feliomena is the lady we met on the train. We have not been able to meet with her for about 2 weeks but we saw her this week and she has been reading the Book of Mormon and before she had troubles with her blood, and now she can tell the difference from reading that book. She realizes the blessing it has in her life. The spirit is amazing and it is the only thing that will tell these people what is true and will change their life forever! I am just a tool to help them realize it.
That is the hardest thing, is to get these new investigators to realize that this is the only true church and no one else has that proper authority and it is by faith and the HG to make them know its true.
So it was a good week this week, busy and full of finding people and teaching. I am getting to know the members more also and its been so fun! I love it.

Well I better get going and I will try to send a picture as well. let me know if your getting them. I guess I'll TALK to you on Sunday!!! Love you all thanks for all the prayers and support. I can feel and see the blessings.

All my love -Sister Olsen!

P.s. we went to the science museum today and I felt like a little kid playing with all the fun things. and it had one of those shadow rooms. reminded me of the video when we were all young. Love you all!

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