Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Email 04/28/09 - The Church is True

Hey family!
Thanks so much for all your emails and the updates from everyone. It is so good to hear what is going on. Sorry I forgot to tell you last week that this week is moves so our p-day is on Tuesday. Me and Sister Abellan are staying here. I am so excited! I am just getting used to it and loving it. There is so much work to do before I want to leave. I could stay here my whole mission :) ha ha
But mom and dad, THANK YOU SO MUCH for the package. It was the best thing ever!!! I absolutely loved it. Nothing could have been better. You couldn't wipe to smile off my face when I got it and was looking through it. Chapstick I think I am good the rest of my mission and 2 years after :) and the cards are wonderful. we gave one to Denise to congratulate her on her baptism and everyone that sees it thinks they are the best things ever. Mom your business would be huge here. not saying you should move here but there are so many stay at home moms that would love doing Stampin Up. the memory book is perfect and more then I thought it would be. Love the oatmeal, I will be eating that a lot. The pasta is very good also. Thanks so much!!!! Cookies made it perfectly with how you packed them mom, your so smart. They were the best ones yet. could have been sweeter though. ha ha.
But mom it sounds like your primary is doing great and you still love your calling. I have not heard of the lady you were talking about but I am getting used to the accents here. Its not too hard, the Nigerian people are the ones that I have to focus really hard to know what they are saying when they are speaking fast. ha ha
Mom I have already took pictures of the tulips before you even asked because I knew you would love them. I know you too well I think from all the traveling and saying take a picture of that flower and that one...then we have a whole roll of flowers with no one in them. I remember :) And tell grandma that I say hi and want to know the updates on her and a possible mission :)
So dad the feet are doing great! I love walking around but yes I am very tired by the end of the day. I did not go to London today due to not knowing if I was going to have money on my card.
So yes anyway...This week was just amazing!
So much happened, we had the Elders come into our area and find people for us to teach and we have gotten so many people that want to learn more.
We are being so blessed and people are ready to learn the truth. An amazing experience. I was on splitz with a sister in the ward and we were teaching a recent convert in front on the chapel because it was a nice day. and a lady came to the front doors of the chapel trying to get in. We asked if she needed anything and she had just moved close by and wanted to see how are church was and has seen it in Nigeria and she was not really happy with Catholic. I was like....this can not be happening. We told her we could meet her before Sunday and then she can come to church. We taught her and was very interested. She came to church including 3 of our other investigators and she said she was defiantly coming back. It was amazing! Seeing people finally finding the truth is amazing!
Also Denise the lady that was recently baptised. She is amazing! We were talking about baptism in gospel principles and she gave her testimony which she never wanted to share before her baptism and told us how she does not believe in miracles. but after her baptism she couldn't believe she didn't remember so much from her past and how free she felt. It was so amazing to know that through the holy ghost these people can change their life forever. I love being the tool to help these people.
One other thing before I go, last night we had FHE with the members, they get together at one house with the people that are just couples and don't have children and so on, it was so much fun to get to know the members better and hear their strong amazing testimonies. I taught the lesson about the ten commandments and how they can remember them through actions that I learns in the SLC mission.
Things here are going great. The good times out way the hard times. It is all worth it.

Thanks so much for everything, all your support. I love you all so so much!
Dad did you print the pmg with your printer? it looks amazing! all the elders are envy of me now. ha ha it really is like the best present ever!!! you should sell them. I know it is illegal but every mission wishes for one :)
And Annalisa is beautiful!!! nice pictures and shirt :)
Mom about pulling weeds, don't worry I got my share and old lady needs help in her garden so I am sure I will be helping.

I better go thanks for all you do! Take care and continue to work hard. It will pay off in the end.
What is the day Annalisa graduates?

Love you
Sister Olsen!!!

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