Monday, April 20, 2009

E-mail 4/20/09

Mom thanks so much for the package. Sorry I need so much. I will let you know if I get it and when so we know more or less how long it takes to send. Wow Ronnie got a puppy!!! Holy Cow he needed something else to mess up the place:) ha ha just kidding. That’s fun though. I guess it goes through the family. Maverick wasn't enough. :)
And yes I know Jim. He worked in the lab behind the office. That is very sad but it was his time and he will be an amazing missionary up there. Let me know if you went to the funeral. I bet it will be very good. He was a good man., always telling me how cute I was. ha ha.
I will send pictures. I will try to remember to put on dates. I’m sorry; I am still a forgetful person. Sorry mom. It just costs so much money to develop them and I don't know how much more it is to put on a CD. But I will do what I can. I would attach some but it takes 8 mins to do it and takes time out of emailing so we will see. You have the MTC ones. but ill get some to you.
So dad sounds like you have been busy. But your Sundays seem as busy as mine. My companion and I get way tired on Sundays like we are supposed to have a day of rest or something??? ha but we are way busy and have to keep moving forward and get to know as many people as we can. Always good days.
I could use my card today but hopefully it will be ok. I wanted to dry clean my coat. But I found out there is a Costco here. I had dinner with the bishop’s family. They are absolutely amazing! They know so much of the BOM. The 10 year old knows more then I do. I couldn't believe it. We were teaching the 10 commandments and every single one knew what they meant. And more... They read the BOM as a family every morning and learn so so much. The mom says they have retained the information and stories through out the years. Just continuing to do it blesses them :) We had the chicken from Costco and it was the first familiar taste. I was like in heaven!!!!! I knew it was Costco food so I would love for you to send me my card. It is in my green purse that in is a box probably. But I would love that :) Thanks dad!
So as for the amazing week!!!!
We had interviews with the president last Monday good guy and then district meeting we have every Tues. or Monday. I had to teach the lessons to the DL which was nerve racking but I made it through. Later that night my arm went numb in places. I think my shoulder got too over used by all the things I was transporting and holding in my bag. Not so good... But I went to sleep and it was fine in the morning. No worries :)
So we had a really neat experience. We have had the name of a less active family since I got here and they live 1 hour away by bus and so the sisters have not gotten a chance to go. So one planning night they came to my head and said we need to see that less active family tomorrow. We did not have their number so we were hoping that they would be home so we wouldn't have wasted all the time. WE got there and the lady was HOME!!!! She was so excited for us to be there and wanted us to come again for dinner and we talked to her for a long time. She has epilepsy and it hard for her to get anywhere. She has had a death in her extended family and she has no one to turn to but her family has been praying for us to come visit. It was amazing to feel that the spirit was guiding us to her. I usually don't realize that it’s the spirit till after. That is why faith is so important in this life and gospel. We need to show our faith and miracles will happen. Ether 12 talks so much about this. Read it this morning. But anyway we are going to help her family and her sister who lost a child because Sister Abellan lost her brother when he was 16 and she was 18. Crazy but amazing!
The lord is blessing us so much! We have been able to put 2 people on date for baptism who are pretty solid and then yesterday at church a less active family asked when we were going to teach their daughter. We are so blessed and helping people come to the waters of baptism. So thank you so much for all your prayers. They are helping out; I can feel it all the time.
So we had a baptism this week also, Denise got baptized. She was so iffy all week and we were so worried she was going to back out. She was an hour late for the baptism but it all worked out and her family who are from other faiths came and loved it. It was amazing and the spirit was so strong. She can't wait for us to come visit her again, where before this last week we couldn't even get a hold of her.
Well I don't have much more time I love you all.
One thing that is funny, the McDonald’s here look like clubs and are all decked out. It’s funny. That’s where everyone hangs out and dad I had duck the other day. You would have been proud. :)
Love you all and good luck with this next week. I will be looking forward to hearing from you next week. I might be going to London to see things but we will see...
This gospel is amazing and the missionary work is going forth. Love you all!!!

Sister Jennifer Olsen!

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