Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Email 03/16/09 - I'm Going to England!

Hey Family!
Well the Visa is here and I will be leaving Mar 18th from the SLC airport. I am way excited! I have a lot of families that are really sad to see me go. The Family we are teaching (the Robbins) they want to write me. They are doing so well. The only think is that they are not sure if they are ready to give up drinking. But we will see. I told them I will come back to visit them when they are baptized and I get off my mission. They laughed :) So then Jackie, the lady that is firends with the American Idol dude is getting baptized this saterday and She is really sad to see me go. She is cute. The American Idol (austin S.) will be singing Come Thou Fount. My favorite song. :( sad story. Im going to see if they can recored it for me. Then Easton, the 18 year old is not getting baptized till April and the family that fellowshiops him is the best. We have eatten at their house 4 times with in the last 3 weeks. They remind me of our family dinners. They are desendants of Hyrum Smith, they do firesides with ancient things that they have. Like the box the plates came out of, and the clock hyrum died in. Stuff like that. Its really neat. I have not sean any of it but if you are interested. you should give them a call. even to just chat with them I love that family. 801-253-9015 is their number. Anyway. The work this week was pretty slow but Sat was the last day of the Open House. Crazy! It was neat. Didnt really see any more people I knew.
Mom and Dad got the package thanks so much! Cookies are good and dad I love you blanket! That is awesome!!! I am jealous :) Mom I don't need new stationary yet. I am still doing good.
We picked up a new investigator yesterday. Austin is 11. His dad is Less active and wants to get back to church and his wife does not want to get into the chruch? not sure what happened before? but she is a product consultant oe whatever it is called at stampin up. Neat huh! She says she knows you calling in and waits for more numbers when you just said 5. Her name is Marie Fountaine. Small world! It was fun talking to her about it. But the cool thing about our visit with this family. We had the dad say the closing prayer and he started crying in the middle of it. He is so ready to get back to church so he can baptize his son. The spirit is amazing out here. Hevenly father is waiting for us to ask him for help and guidence. When we do it, he will bless us so much!
WE had Zone conference this week and it was amzing! So motivating! It was about the book of mormon and how we need to flood the earth with it. The book of mormon is what converts people. It is a blessing in our lives. Learned so much about it. I invite you when you read the BOM and after you read it or while you are reading it as a family, discuss what you are reading. Study it. Not just read it. I don't know much of the BOM and I think if we did that as a family. I would have been able to understand the stories and how I can relate it to my life. Let me know what you think? I love you all!
Well I know this is a short letter but I have to email the mission president still.
But when I call you I can tell you more. I love you family, thanks for all the support and love!

This Gospel is true!
Love Sister Jennifer LaMay Olsen

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