Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Email 03/24/09 - I'm in London!!! Home sweet home! :)

hey Family I am here in London and I love it! It really feels like I am on a trip. Like all the places we go and visit. It reminds me of a lot like Washington DC. My flight went good. The people I was sitting by did not speak English and one was deaf. I tried to help her with drinks and stuff but it was hard. I didn't sleep much but that is what I was expecting.
So my P-days are usually on Monday. I will be emailing at this time probably every Monday except when we have moves (transfers). So I am writing Tues. I think it is 2 or 3 in the morning for you. We have spring forward this sat night so its another hour I will lose. AH! so just note that :) So mom if you can't sleep you can get my email. :) ha Anyway I have 2 companions right now and Sister Strunk is from Bend Oregan and know Uncle Bobby. She knows Lauren and worked with her in the relief society. Fun stuff. She is fun. She has been here for 4 1/2 months and is moving tomorrow. It will be my first time as just two of us. CRAZY!
So my companion, Sister Abellan (pron abbyin) is from Barsolona Spain and she is such a spiritual giant. She speaks Spanish so if we approach some one that speaks they love knowing she does and listens to her. I help her with English so its fun. I learn so much from her and excited to learn more. She teaches with so much passion. I learned here as you teach you need to be more bold to make these people understand how important it is to keep the commandments and pray to know if these things we teach them are true.
I live at a members flat (house) and everything is so small. Condensed times 10. Its crazy! Ill have to take pictures to show you. But I live in Edmonton and our Area is Enfeild. Its considered in London. Our mission president lets the missionaries go to one Broadway show if they live in London. So I get to go see the sights while I am here and see a show. I am excited. Probably choose wicked? we will see.
So the People really are from everywhere here. The ward is amazing! We are just over one ward and the radius of our boundaries are huge!
We use public transportation to get places. Buses most of the time. And a lot of walking. I like it though. WE have to take 3 different buses to get to the church and it takes us about 45 mins on a good day :) Not like Utah :) But the members testimonies are amazing! They are so strong and will back them self in any situation. They might not be a large number but the members that are active are so spiritual. I love it!
When I first got here I was so so tired but it is getting better and I am able to actually stay awake. Church was rough to stay awake in but I will get used to it.
The work is progressing forward here. Its amazing! The lord really does prepare people to receive the gospel. We have met people on the trai and the buses that tell us they would like to hear what we have to say because they have been looking for a church. Its amazing how the Lord works. Miracles are happening.
One thing we teach a lot out here is the Word of Wisdom. Everyone either drinks tea, smokes or coffee. EVERYONE! They are always offering. Its not polite to say no but obviously we do. But it directs us to talk about it. Fun stuff :)
So I have been so blessed! The lord knew I was coming here. It has been sunny everyday since I have been here and it has rained once for 20 mins. I love it :) Makes me happy!
One thing I ask. Will you ask Tracy Morley the places she served and stuff so I can see if we can see them and whats going on? and what were the chocolates that were good so I can send some home :)
And dad you can send attachments. I am not sure if I told you or not.
So right when I got here the Assistants picked us up and on of them. Elder Allan some how we got to the conclusion that he is in Mark Evans home ward. It was strange, he didn't really tell me if he knew me but it was awkward.
Mom I would like to have a calender of everyone's birthdays and important dates. Even just a list would be fine. I would like that. I did it for you but I forgot that would be helpful to me. Thanks though :)
We have been teaching a lot and eating a lot. We had 2 dinner appointments one night and I thought I was just going to explode. We haven't done much tracting which it weird but we are teaching so much right now. Plus traveling takes a lot of time out of the schedule. But that is why we find on the buses on the way.
Peoples accents are so cool. I am already saying cheers (thanks and good bye) and rubbish (trash) and so on. Its funny!
The name of the Family that are ansestors to hyrum smith are Valdez Family.
Sounds like the trek will be way fun. I know you will take pictures but send them to me or attach some to an email. Might be faster that way :) ha
Mom and Dad have fun in Hawaii for me. Go to the beach and get some sun! :) Love you all so much thanks for your prayers and support.
Get ready for General Conference. Watch it all. you have that opportunity. I might only get to watch 2 sessions because the others ones are too late for missionaries. With the time change and all. We have to travel a good amount of way to see it to.
God BLess you all. your in my prayers Always

Love Sister Jennifer Olsen

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