Monday, March 9, 2009

Email 03/09/09 Still in SLC South

Hello Family!
How are all of you doing? Thanks dad and mom for letting me know what everyone is up to. Sounds like it is a busy house. Full of fun things :)
So another week full of greatNESS! :) We are teaching a guy named Easton. He is 18 and is so ready to be baptized but his family is another religion and is giving him a hard time. We give him reading assignments and he comes back with notes he wrote from it and teaches us. He has a testimony and the bishop does not think he is ready but the bishop is not there listening to him either. anyway... we teach him at a members family house and the first time we taught him the family could not figure out who was the senior companion until they asked. ha! good news for me :) He was set on date for this weekend to get baptized but is postponing it till April. Sadly I told him I probably wont be there. But life goes on I guess
I am sending you pictures from the MTC today and so if you have any questions let me know
So the Draper Temple Open house. This is the last week! How crazy! I will actually get to study and have a real p-day and so on :) but it has been really fun. There are 5 Chapels that people park at before the temple. I am in the Green one so I might not see Sister Wilkey if she does not go there. I have seen Mark Evans room mate, Guy from pageant the last time I went (josh bishop) and Chantel!!! I was way surprised. She is so cute. I was really happy to see her. She also told me that you have not given my address to anyone so no one knows where I am :( I know I might be leaving but still... I also saw Stacy Musso. My companion, Sister Toney knows stacy really well. Small world. She went to Sara Otts farwell when she was visiting Stacy. Weird! And mom I told you about the Eternal Family song that you were going to teach. I am glad it went well and the kids are loving it. Now that you have a new calling :) Sounds like a blast! Camp Director I think that would be the funnest calling. So make camp the best for those girls!
This mission goes to the Jordan River Temple every Tues. It was pretty. It was an older temple but its really neat to see all the different types there are. Can't wait to go through a lot more.
So in our new area that we have. We have been meeting the bishops and stuff. I never knew how excited people got when Sister came into their area. Holy Cow they give us referrals that they would never give Elders and they just love us. It's weird, never thought it would be like that. And Utah Missionaries, They are so spoiled!!! We get meals paid for all the time, car washes, anything. People do a lot for us. We pretty much have a dinner every night and we get to live in members houses with the washing machine in the same place. We are so spoiled. trying not to get to used to it. ha.
We had our new missionary training this week. It was so good. I love it! We role play a lot and we practiced giving baptismal dates and commitments. Since we commit them to a date on the first lesson here in Utah. The work moves fast but it is not always easy.
So Mom we email in the Chapel just north of Stampin Up. I knew we were close but didnt know we were that close. It is crazy! Fun stuff :)
So this Sunday I spoke again. It went well. Didn't have a lot of time to prepare since we have the open house but after I was done I felt better. Always stressing before. Speaking 3 times this next Sunday! AH! scary!But one of our stakes had stake conference and it was so good! I forget that stake conference is good. ha. but our family that we are teaching went to the sat meeting instead of the Sunday meeting because they have fears of crowds and they absolutely loved it. Good things happening here.
The Spirit is amazing and that is the only way I can make it through these lessons. I am grateful to have it help me and touch those I teach. Lessons are getting easier as I teach them more so its nice. The Baptism we had on Sat went well. It was really fun to see someone get baptized that through the lord to me she was able to be a member of the church.
So mom my clothes are good. I just am thinking about getting leggings because tights are just not doing it. plus my skirts are that fabric that makes you cold. Anyway just letting you know. And I LOVE my pillow case! Thanks you so much! I really love it. Thanks mom!
So Grandma is thinking about going on a mission again? That would be so neat. I really think she should do it. Talking to her about my mission I just knew she was amazing and still can touch so many others lives.
Dad sorry about the video camera. I have no idea where it would be??? That is not good :( And dad good job conducting...haha!!!! I can just imagine it all happening. :) Miss you!
So only email me to myldsmail because I can't check anything else. Just a note. And I will pray for Rachel Wilkey. Well I know I haven't told you that much about what is going on but things are happeing and we are busy all the time! I got to go but it was nice hearing from you all. I love and Miss you!
This gospel is amazing! Keep up your praying and reading the scriptures! :)

Love Sister Jennifer LaMay Olsen

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Jake and Chantel said...

Hey, so can i just say what a surprise it was to see jenn at the open house. But since i live SO close to her, if there is anything you guys want me to give to her, i would love to do so. Just let me know! :)