Monday, February 23, 2009

Email 02/23/09 - In SLC South Mission

Ok Family!
Holy Cow! So much has happened this last week in a half. Well as you know. My P-day is on Monday. We don't get much of a P-day because half the day we are at the Open House in Draper working. from 7:30-1:00 then we have 3 lessons scheduled today. So not much of a P-day and Sister Johnson, one of my companions is leaving tomorrow to go home to San Fransisco. So its been really crazy! Sister Toney is my other companion and she has been out since Oct. She is from Indiana and is really fun. we have transfers tomorrow so half the people I have taught I will not be teaching anymore. Because we are moving. So sister Johnson is going home and Sister Toney and I are going to get a new companion and will be moving to another house.
We were living in the down stairs of a members house and they are splitting up the areas. I know this probably sounds confusing but we are over 3 stakes right now in South Jordan. and have 28 wards. I think we will have 2 stakes in our new area.
We have not had much time to do anything since half of our day we are at the Open house. M,W,F we are there in the mornings for 8 hours and then T,Th,S same thing in the afternoon to night. Then the other time we fit as many lessons in as we can or check referrals or have meetings with bishops, Ward mission leaders and so on.
We have no time for studying. I have had Personal study once. The whole temple open house thing is throwing off the whole mission scheduling stuff. But it has been good. Crazy busy but good.
Ok so... more info... SLC south mission is the highest baptizing mission. When I first got to the Mission I was asked to say the prayer in the Meeting. Scary! Then we had Zone meeting and District meeting so I met everyone and they asked to say the prayer there also. Guess I needed more blessings :) they don't take time to get you going. ha. We have our Zone Meetings in Riverton. Weird! So close yet so far away from home. Chantel lives in Riverton but not in our area. so yeah. So the second day I got to the Mission field I taught my first lesson and it was to a kid named Cory. He is kind of slow but wants to be baptized. It was really hard for my to simplify the lesson but everything worked out and we taught him again today. I think we are moving away from his area so we won't teach him again. I have totally decided change STINKS! I hate it but I guess I am going to have to get used to it. And also to moving since I have had to do it 3 times already and I will again soon.
So we have dinner apts every night and good food :) The other night we had Costco rolls and reminded me of our family and how you would serve them to missionaries too. It's fun though to get to know the people here.
So mom I do have to write notes to remember everything because so much happens in one week. Sleeping is a lot better. I actually slept all the way through the night last night for the first time. It felt way nice! and I have sent you my address I hope you got it Ill type it here again
Sister Olsen
Utah Salt Lake City South Mission
8060 S. 615 E.
Sandy, UT 84070
Oh and I got my package today. I get mail only on P-day. It is cold here but I am not dying yet since we are mostly inside. Sundays are so busy for me dad. Just like you. I spoke in 2 sacrament meetings yesterday and scheduled to speak in 3 this next Sunday. I rather not speak but I am thinking I am just going to have to start to like it since I will probably be doing it every Sunday on different topics. I just get up there and just want to sit right back down. Ha. But that is so fun that Bro Parke is teaching Annalisa. That is like how it was for me when I was in his class. She is going to love it. He is just awesome! Great stories :)
So dad thanks for the insight about Faith it is so important out here. If no one had any faith nothing would be happening. No one would pray because they would have no faith for someone they were praying to and so on... but us as a mission, we have a challenge to read a faith scripture every day and it is awesome! I love it.
Well I don't have much more time but I want to finish with the family that we are teaching. They just moved here 3 weeks ago from Las Vegas and has been going to our church every week. They are not members but everyone has fellowshipped them so much they have had the best experience here. We taught them the 1st lesson about Joseph Smith and how to recognize the spirit. The spirit was so strong! I could not believe it! They are so excited to learn more and we have the father and son on date for baptism on March 14th. I hope it stays that way. The mom has a past and is scared what to tell her family so we are working on here. The Lord works in amazing ways! This church is true! I love the work going on here and it is so fun to see all the little families going through the temple. I don't have anymore time. I love you all so much and if you ever getr the chance tesify to anyone. No one can take your testimony away. Even if they reject you. They can't take away your testimony.

Have a great week and I will do the same! Ill hear from you on Monday.

Love Sister Olsen

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