Thursday, February 5, 2009

E-mail 02/05/09

Hi Family!
Ok so thanks for your emails. I have not a lot of time to read them since I only have 30 mins. So as you know I was supposed to leave the MTC on Tues, but I don't think that is going to happen. I did my finger prints last week and everything was fine, but they only last 5 days. and we have to have some sponsorship letter from somewhere and they are taking their time. So the travel office says its more likely we won't leave Tues. And they won't send us anywhere for temporary because they need us all together to get the visas ready. So I don't know how long I will be here? But yes I will be able to call at the air port and I will let you know my travel plans when I know. I could use those medicine for the flight if you wan to send me some :) thanks mom. So classes are very long but they are so good. Learning so so much! We have taught the second lesson on the Plan of Salvation and will be doing it again. Its amazing how fast you learn here and how much time you don't have to study. My favorite part is the Devotionals on Tuesday night. they have a quorum of the 70 or a 12. We have just had the 70 speak to us but they are amazing and full of the spirit and know exactly what we need to hear. I love them. Sundays are our rest days and they are full of good things. So many motivating speakers. It is cold up here. Its a good thing we are not outside a lot. I need a warmer coat that's for sure. But I think I am good with out hand warmers. they keep the buildings warm. I get enough sleep. I wish I could get more, I have not slept all the way through the night but I think its because I don't have my "cave" of pillows and my nice mattress. I am just trying to adjust to new things. Thanks everyone for praying for me. It means so much to me and I can feel the comfort and the blessings from all of you and your faith. I have so much to write and no time. But ill write a letter and finish what I have to say. So we have a service project every week and we clean the bathrooms. Its not bad. And if Jeff could tell me where he took his picture reading the bom then I can do it too. So one thing that made me think of you all. So in one of our devotionals 2000 missionaries sang for the beauty of the earth, it was amazing. It just brought back the memories from when we sang it in Spokane Washington in church as a family. I love it! So thank you so much for the treats and my package it has been so fun getting letters and packages. I love it and yes I will miss it a lot when I get to London. If I get to London :) just kidding. And mom sorry about your eye, hope it is getting better. But hey! You got something to always remember me by that you can't get rid of :) Love you mom! thanks for all the supporting letters They help so much. I love you all so much This place is amazing. I pray for you all. Sorry I have to go. I will finish writing after. Love you Chelle, annalisa, Ryan, and Jeff. Mom and Dad keep up on the reading, it will bless the family so much! I love the scriptures so much!
God bless you all!

Love Sister Olsen

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