Sunday, February 8, 2009

Letter 02/05/09

Hi. I sent off an email but having to read emails I didn't get to type everything I wanted. There is just way too much that goes on. How did your date night go? Mom and Dad? What did you do? So I want pictures:) I dont really have any. Try to get them higher quality then the ones you gave me from the MTC. I will send you some I am getting a couple developed. Just so you can have some. I want to see Annalisa hair. And I would rather her not use my board. I didn't have to wear a suit the whole time here so it's been nice. And that's crazy there was a huge storm, maybe I was supposed to misss that for a reason. But I do miss 68 degree weather, but it was actually really nice today. A day for the temple. Very pretty :) Tell Beth thanks for the note and pictures. I'll get back to her when I get the time. So I wake up at 6 and go to sleep at 10:30 or try. :) I have not fallen asleep yet in class of studing. And dad great moment in Singing in the Rain. :) You are so funny! I wish I could have seen it. I love wacthing you, you had so much fun. So fun to watch you loving what you do. :) Love you dad! ANd it sounds like lots of things are changing in the ward. For the best. :) Thanks for all the motivating scriptures. Best way, words from the prophets. :) It's also nice to know where you are studying in the BOM. Alma has so many great stories. I got my shots, Hep. A and Tetneus shot. So the slip I have included is how much they were. Hope you can take care of it for me. :) Thanks. And thanks for taking care of my Wells Fargo account. I don't have much more time. Bless you all. :) I miss you! Keep the letters coming. Thanks for all your prayers. :) Love you so much!
Sister Jennifer Olsen

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