Friday, January 30, 2009

Email 01/29/09

Hi Family and everyone!

How is everything going? School and singing in the rain? Here at the MTC I eat, study, learn, go to class, eat some more and so on. Its crazy how much time you don't have. I get like 30 mins to get ready for bed and I wake up at 6 so that I can be ready in time. I think you might already know about this but you can email me to and I will get it the next day. Letters and packages are the best! thanks so much for sending the packages and letters. They make my day. It is so nice to hear from you all. Ryan you can email me now on DearElder so you won't have to write and yes I miss you a lot :). I see Elder Glauser (Buck) in the cafeteria and around so that is fun. I think he has left now. I didn't get a chance to get a picture with him. I also saw Kari Bowman from pageant. She is so cute. She is here for awhile longer because she is going to a visitor center. So you know the Sister Olsen serving in our home ward? I found out that she stayed in the same room as me. The sisters next to me knew her really good. It is just funny to think that I know here and the odds of staying the the same room. So if you see sister Olsen down there. Let he know. So sacrament on Sunday is crazy! Every missionary in our zone prepares a 5 min talk on a certain topic they give us for the week. On Sunday after the sacrament they call on 4 missionaries to talk. right then and there. you have no clue if you will be speaking or not. crazy! hope I don't have to speak, but I guess we will see. Relief Society was very good, Sister Dibbs talked to us. She is President Monsons daughter. I was cool. We took a temple walk on Sunday in the Slush and everyone was slipping. I was surprised I didn't slip. But as we were there. I saw Benji from sytycd. It was crazy! I didn't know what to do. because there were missionaries everywhere and I was looking at him and he looked and me and knew I knew he was Benji. It was weird and I didn't even get a picture with him. I'm retarded, but I took a picture of the back of him. I am mad now that I didn't get it. :( Lost the chance of a life time! I love my watch thanks for it. I wear it all the time. And just to let you know. I have never prayed so much in my life! Its amazing what happens when you pray. the Spirit is always with you. Prayer is so powerful! I love it! So we taught lesson 1 for the first time about the restoration of the gospel and Joseph smith to volunteers in being investigators. Very nerve racking but we did it and and turned out pretty well. We will be teaching it again tomorrow. I learn so much and everything is so hard to remember. Its amazing how last I learn though. I take as much in as I can. We also went to the RC where you call people that have seen a Mormon ad or a commercial and want a DVD or bom. It takes me awhile to start talking to someone about it because I am no good on the phone. Hopefully it gets better. I haven't taken many pictures. My companion does not like them but I am trying to take as much as I can. And we have no time to take them. Jeff I am writing in my journal every day so far. :) I Miss you all so much! Keep the prayers coming. I pray for you all the time. Thanks for all the support and love and letters. Dad I hope your doing good! You are an amazing man! How is the calling treating you? I better get going. I am running out of time. So if you send me an email. I will not get it till next Thursday. so send a DearElder if you want. God bless you all, don't forget to read your scriptures everyday. They are amazing and will teach you so much! Love you all! Miss you!

Sister Jennifer LaMay Olsen

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