Monday, July 5, 2010

Email 07/05/10 - Waited for 7 years...Finally got baptized!!

How is everyone doing? This week has been just wonderful! We worked so hard and we were able to see so many things come from our efforts. First of all Susan got baptized. She has been waiting for 7 year and had had a STRONG testimony about the Book of Mormon for 4 years. The Spirit was so strong when she got baptized and you knew that she had gone through so much to get there. Her husband has been the set-back but finally agreed to be there for support. He is pretty against the church, but the service went very well and he started to open up to everyone after time went on. She bore her testimony at the baptism and it was so beautiful and powerful She invited all her non member friends and she has already give them all a Book of Mormon. She is a great missionary already.
Also this week we were able to receive 7 new investigators and one of the new ones came to church. Daren is his name and he has researched about us on the Internet but does not believe or take any notice of the anti-literature. He is great! And his daughter is 15 and likes to listen in the lessons. She didn't want to wake up for church so she didn't end up coming. We also have Nick who is supposed to be baptized on the 7th of Aug. He has stopping smoking and we gave him some lollies (Popsicles) to help him stop. So hopefully that will help. He is so good! The spirit is always so strong in our lessons with him. We also met a man last week and we found out that his flat mate was baptized in our church in Ghana is 2006 and he has not been to church since he has lived in the UK. So we are going to activate one and baptize the other. We are being so blessed to find these people.
We have been asked by the mission president to focus on the hours of finding and to get people to church. We also have been given "SOS" S-Spirit O-Obedience S-Skills. We need the spirit to guide us and to have the best navigational system and we need obedience to be able to get all the blessing we stand in need of and we need to have the best skills for when we find the elect to help them understand the gospel. So that is what we have been working on.
And this week we have Zone Conference which will sadly be my last one but I will make it the BEST! Sister Anderson is so funny, we have good times together and she just loves old cars and every time we see an old car she wants to knock on that persons door and convert them. I know that we will convert someone just because they have a nice old car. She is also talking about Physics all the time and I am always trying to learn so I can be smarter.
Well time is up and I don't have much more to talk about.
I love you all!
Take care!
Sister Olsen

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P. Andersen said...

Really like S.O.S. and am excited about her friend Susan. This little sista is gonna work til they throw her on the plane!