Monday, June 28, 2010

Email 06/28/10 - Being a missionary is wonderful!

Hello all...
I don't have time to write much but this week has been full of sun and it makes me so happy! I have been getting a good farmer's tan and burn. Don't worry Mom, I am not putting any sunscreen on :) I'M FINE! But really its been beautiful and the work has been so busy and wonderful. We are preparing for a BAPTISM this Saturday and we are so excited! We have been finding more people to teach and we are been so blessed. So much has happened but I have no time. Just know that I am staying happy and Sister Anderson and I get a long great and we are seeing miracles happen. We also did a service project all day on Saturday for the community and painted a fence. It's fun! Well got to go! I love you all and keep in touch!

Sister Olsen

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Linda said...

Can't wait for my BEAR HUG!!! WooHoo, we love you!