Sunday, June 20, 2010

Email 06/15/10 - I'm Training Again!!!

Hello Everyone!
Oh my goodness! This week has been full of excitement and surprises. It has been so busy from getting bikes so that we go get places faster when the buses are not efficient and also being able to watch the World Cup for football here. USA played England and its the biggest thing of the year for them so we couldn't do missionary work that night and we were able to actually watch it. It wasn't that exciting but it was fun. Also we have been blessed to have the Women who has been investigating for 4 years, set her baptism date for July 3rd. We are so excited for her and I will be able to see it! I am staying in Watford and Sister Nyman is moving to Stevenage. I will be getting a brand new missionary! I was shocked when I heard that I was training for my last transfers. Its time to set the bar a little higher. I am actually super excited about it, but I also have to remember all that I'm supposed to do when I train. It has been so long. But I don't know where she is from. Sister Shattuck is also training. Only 2 sisters are coming out and we both have the privilege to train them. I know that the new missionaries are from New Zealand and the other from Utah, I think Salt Lake area, but that's all that I know. Tomorrow we will pick them up and have a training and then come back to Watford and get to work. It will be a lot of fun. Plus we have been able to see so many wonderful things happen lately.
We have an Investigator who is great and has been prepared. He has a girlfriend and she has a daughter who is 12. They ended up coming to a lesson we had and they asked the best questions and the spirit was so strong. The 12 year old wants to become christen and her mom said she would support her. It has been so wonderful to see people that are interested in learning about the TRUTH. I love teaching it and I'm excited to see them more.
But that's about all I have time for this week. I am so excited to train again. I ask for your prayers. I love you all and thanks for your support and love. Missionary work is the best! Love you!
Sister Olsen


P. Andersen said...

Training at the end keeps the energy up...and lucky greenie to get a comp who LOVES the work! Jen is doing a great job!

Linda said...

We couldn't agree more, and Sister Shattuck loves her Mum! She's now just trying to live up to her!