Tuesday, June 1, 2010

email 05/30/10 - Carry on! Carry on! Carry on!

Hiya all!
How is everyone doing? It has been great to hear everyone is having fun with birthdays and lake trips and so on. Things here have been GREAT! We had a wedding this week in the ward. A less active member got married and hopefully her husband will want to be baptized and become a member. He had been prepared. Also, we had Zone Conference in London and that was very inspiring and always uplifting. I have found out that a past investigator is getting married in July so that she can get baptized. AMAZING! We also had a missionary lesson for our 3rd hour at church and it was a lot of fun! The ward mission leader asked if we could share who or what inspired you to go on a mission. And I thought of it through out the hours of church and I went through everyone. In a different way each one of you had inspired me to make this wonderful decision and to serve a mission. I have learned so so much and I am so grateful for each one of you. Thank you so much!
We have seen a lot of things happen this week, We were talking to people in the town center on Tuesday and everyone was rejecting us pretty hard core, but as we were diligent and kept going there was a man who stopped us. He is 43 and asked if we were promoting something. It was actually pretty funny. He told us he knew of the latter-day saints because in 2001 he had played some football (soccer) with the ward at a park. So now 9 years later we have been placed in his path and he want to learn more. We asked if he had time and he did, so we taught him on a bench and then went again to teach him before Sunday and he came to church. He is really interested and can see Heavenly Father has prepared him for this. It was truly a miracle. We are being so blessed in different ways.
Thank you all for your prayers! I know they are helping us to work so much here is England and hopefully we will be able to see many more baptisms. The joy that comes when we share the gospel is like none else.
I love you all. Take Care!
Sister Olsen
P.s. I was thinking this week about being rejected a lot then I thought of Joseph Smith and how he was preaching the gospel and how everyone was rejecting him and even persecuting him and eventually killed him. Being rejected is nothing compared to that. I am so blessed and to know that I can help people that are ready to receive the gospel, brings me joy and overpowers the rejection :)


P. Andersen said...

Great letter and perspective on rejection. None of our problems seem too heavy when we compare them to Joseph Smith, do they? Thanks!

Linda said...

Thank you so much for Updating! See Sister Shattuck's blog for picture of your daughter! She is really going to miss her Mom! Please let us know when the homecoming talk is. We ALL want to come (we have a place in St. George we can stay at). :)