Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Email 05/04/10 - STAYING IN WATFORD

Yes I am staying in Watford and I am so relieved. I am so excited to stay here. I can feel that amazing things are going to happen here and that I am supposed to stay here. I love this area and I really do hope I stay the rest of my mission. It would be amazing! So Sister Christensen is moving to my old area in Britanna where the singles ward is in Central London and she is so excited. She loves London. And I am getting Sister Newman who is from Sweden and has been out about 6 months or so. I am so excited. I will miss Sister Christensen but it will be a good change and we will work hard and see so many miracles. Sister Newman I don't really know but she seems really sweet and a hard worker. So that's what's up for moves.
We had our baptism of Nice this Saturday and it was amazing! The family was so happy and you can just feel the strength of the family and how it brought them closer together. The spirit was strong and it was wonderful to be seeing a baptism again. We also had 2 investigators come to church. They usually just stay for Sacrament and then just leave but they stayed this Sunday and it was amazing to just see their sacrifice that they were willing to do for the Lord. We are being blessed so much and it's been wonderful. The weather has not been the best and the buses are pretty rubbish but he work still moves on :)
We had our Mission Conference on Friday and it was just amazing! We had so much fun taking a mission photo and seeing all the missionaries. Yes Dad I did do some stupid sticks and it was great! And I got to see Sister Shattuck and talk to her forever and it was so much fun! I miss her! We learned so much and the theme of it all was to have a vision of what you can do and who you can become. It was inspiring and I was also able to talk to Elder Snow about being from St George and knowing the Nuffers who he worked with. He enjoyed that.
We saw Lion King and that was wonderful and a lot of fun to see. We also had a interfaith thing going on yesterday and we talked to people at a booth and people came up to us and asked us questions about the church. It was so cool! That never happens as a missionary. It was a great missionary activity for us and got to talk to a lot of people and got return appointments to see them. We also taught primary this Sunday to the 5 and 4 years olds. It was so much fun! Kids are crazy but they are so so cute.
Well that's about all for this week. I wish you all the best! Have a good Mothers Day
Sister Olsen

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