Monday, April 19, 2010

Email 04/19/10 - Almost to Watford

It's been just a great week. We have been able to do more missionary work this week and it has been so much better. We had interviews this week with the president and it was wonderful. He always ensures us that we are supposed to be serving in the areas that we are called and I have a huge testimony that it is correct. I have always felt positive about the places that I go and that I am suppose to be there. It's wonderful and comforting to know. Watford is such a wonderful area. The more and more I am there, the more I love it more. Sunday is always wonderful and the ward is just amazing with missionary work. We are working more with the members this week and helping them gain our trust. We have the Zone Leaders also in our ward so we have a big competition and since we are new in the ward we have to gain their [the ward members] trust even more. They are wonderful people. There is about 130 in the ward that come to church every Sunday, the most attended ward in this stake and it's wonderful! (sorry if I have repeated myself from my past emails) We have been finding a lot this past week and our week looks a lot more exciting and more work will be happening. It's exciting to see the missionary work progress in such a short amount of time. This week we were able to teach a couple investigators but not many. When we first taught one, it was amazing and the spirit was so so strong!!!!! We both came out with smiles from cheek to cheek because it had been awhile since we taught an investigator. It's wonderful to be a missionary and feel the spirit so strong and the guidance it gives us as missionaries. Not much more as been happening. Just traveling a lot and getting to know the area. In the ward we are seeing miracles and there is a family that has not been able to be together for 4 years because the mom was stuck in Ghana while the father and kids were in England. Now they are back together and the 11 year old never got baptized because he wanted his dad to do it. Now he can. Amazing! I love the blessings of the gospel and the happiness that we receive from it. When we do what is right we deserve being blessed. Heavenly Father loves us and wants us to be happy. I love you all and I am so grateful for your support and love. I want to invite anyone who reads this to pray fro a missionary opportunity. As we pray fro these opportunities. Our Heavenly Father will see that we want to help him and have faith that it can actually happen. Prayer is Amazing and he will always answer our prayers.
Take Care and I wish you the best this week.
Sister Jenn Olsen

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