Monday, April 12, 2010

Email 04/12/10 - Still waiting to move...

Hello everyone!
Well its been another interesting week. We found out that the flat we were supposed to get fell through and so on Thursday we had to all day look at flats and schedule viewings to see them on Friday. It has been very hard to do missionary work and I can not wait to get back into the swing of things. We found a place that won't be ready till next Tuesday. So we have put a deposit down and hopefully this one will all work out. So we will be doing the moving next week. But for now, we are still in Wembley and training up to Watford everyday and night. It takes about 30 mins for the train ride. So it takes time out of our day.
We are trying our best to find new investigators and to get to know all the members in the ward. We have a wonderful ward! The Bishop is actually American, HA! It's crazy how the bishopric really changes the feeling of a ward. I am so excited to be here in Watford. We had a great Fast and Testimony meeting and Sister Christensen and I bore our testimonies at the beginning to introduce ourselves. The ward is a huge missionary attitude ward. It's wonderful! We are continuing to fast and pray to find new investigators. We had 2 investigators already come to church. They are Indian and they are wonderful. So we are being blessed in many ways. We are happy to have the flat all figured out so this week we can focus more on missionary work. I love being a missionary and sharing the good news with people. There are more people on the streets here to stop and its great! We have a Wonderful Ward Mission Leader and works really hard to make sure the work is progressing. Oh and last but not least the sun is out and it is getting warmer. It's Wonderful!
I want to thank all those who are writing and emailing. I love you all and I am so behind in writing. Please forgive me, I will have time today to write. Take care and may the Lord bless you in anything you stand in need off.
You're all in my Prayers!
Sister Jenn Olsen
P.S. If you want to write me. Write to the mission office and I will get post from them every week or so. THANKS!

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Linda said...

Sister Olsen, we love you and we love to read your updates!!!!! Thank you for your sweet letter! Have a WONDERFUL week. Your parents are lovely! Love, Sister Momma Shattuck (the old one!)