Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Email 02/16/10 - Missionary work is still moving forward!

Hello Everyone!
How is everyone? How was everyone's Valentines Day? This week has been really eventful! We have been very busy and been so blessed. Oh, by the way, I am staying in Milton Keynes. We kinda already knew that but just to make sure you know. We are getting a new District Leader and the AP will be our Zone Leader. Fun stuff! So a really neat story. My whole mission (I was taught from the beginning from my south SLC trainer to write our number on every card and pamphlet we give out) So when I got here in London they didn't do that but I continued to do it. I told myself even if only one person calls back and becomes a member due to me writing our number down then I would be happy. So, guess what!?! It happened this week. My whole mission I have never had anyone call us back and I have given a lot of things away and told them our number is on it. And this week a man we tracted into a couple weeks ago called us because we put our number on the pamphlet. I know its something so small but it made my week! HA! He called and asked how he can learn more about the Restoration and how much a Book of Mormon was. Yeah we thought we were in a dream. We see him later today and we are so excited to share the gospel with him. The Lord is blessing us with more people to teach thanks to your prayers. They do get answered! It was just amazing to see that he can feel the spirit and got the guts to call us. WONDERFUL! So there ya go.

We have had a hard time in the last weeks to get a hold of the families we were teaching. We were able to get into contact with them this week which was great and teach them more. And invite them the church. We also have been seeing Kuame is his name. He is from Ghana and we have him a baptism date in March. We are so excited! He knows the BOM is true and has been prepared throughout the years and has been coming to church since the beginning of the year. So we are stocked for him and teach him a lot. Geoff the old guy is still trying to figure everything out. We are still working with him. And the guy that I met in the library last week. We see him tomorrow. So the work as you can tell is progressing and we are being so blessed. I love missionary work. Even though its cold its still great! I love serving others and sharing the gospel with them. Every single time we talk to others about the gospel and they don't understand the truth and have so many questions about life and are so confused. It strengthens my testimony and I am so grateful to know the truth and to have that in my life. Thanks mom and dad! :) Well I love you all and I am so grateful for all the letters I get from everyone. It's always great getting letters as a missionary. Take Care and till next week...
Sister Jennifer Olsen

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